The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chapter 8, part 2

Frank pressed the send button on his mobile phone and waited for Brie to pick up. After three rings, she answered the phone sounding out of breath.

“Brie, are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. It just takes a lot out of me to move from the kitchen to the living room.”

“Well, I’m on my way home and I’m approaching the Baskin Robbins. Just wanted to know if…”

“Oh yes, bring home a quart of Strawberry cheesecake delight please. I bought some chessman cookies today and I forgot to get the dipping essentials.”

Frank chuckled into the phone and said, “I’m on it. Give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be there.”

He ended the call and pulled into the ice cream parlor’s parking lot. He checked out the people who walked out the parlor and noted those who were standing outside panhandling. Not wanting to be bother and rude, Frank decided to enter through the second entrance that was unoccupied by passersby. He climbed out the car and went to stand in line behind a woman who was busy looking in her purse.

She emptied a few contents on the counter and turned around to say, “You can go ahead of me. I can’t find my change.”

“Gracious, Ma’am,” he answered with a nod as he walked from behind her. He tapped on the service counter until one of the employees acknowledged him with a ‘just a minute’ expression. He nodded as acceptance and glanced down at the woman’s messy contents. He couldn’t help but be nosey as she pulled out a wallet, check stub, check book and personal handwritten notes.

It’s no wonder she can’t find her money, she has a life in that bag, Frank thought as he slid his hands inside his pant pockets for a ten-dollar bill. As he unfolded his money, he noticed the woman’s name on something.

Gertrude [last name]

Couldn’t be. Detroit seriously isn’t that small, is it?

The foreign descendent employee approached the counter and asked, “Can I help you sir?”

Frank placed and prepaid for his order before he made a mad dash back to his car. He stood outside the passenger door and called Brie. To confirm his suspensions, he asked Brie a series of questions in regard to Gertrude: her name, physical description, and last known address.

“Why are you asking all this now?” Brie asked.

“Just curious to know. I’ll see you in a little while,” he said before blowing a kiss and ending the call.

Frank went back inside the store and waited for his order. Gertrude must have finally located her money because the cashier was handing her back two fives and some silver change. She tossed everything back inside her purse and folded her arms across her chest. One of the counter attendants returned with Franks’ packaged order and thanked him for his patronage. He nodded and left the store.

He placed the frozen dessert on the floor of the passenger side of the car and unlocked the driver’s side door from the passenger panel. As he walked around the car, he spotted Gertrude exiting the parlor. Frank stepped around the front of the car and swiftly walked behind Gertrude.

“Excuse ma’am?”

Gertrude turned and stared at him with questioning eyes. “Yes?”

“By chance is your name Gertrude [last name]?”

“Who wants to know?”

“By the way you’re avoiding the question, I’ll take that as a yes. Listen,” he leaned in closer. “You’ve been fucking with my wife’s mind and I want the shit to stop. I don’t know you twos history but if my wife tells you that your no-good for shit brother left her then you should take that shit at face value. You know your brother wasn’t shit. Anytime she came to you and told you he was beating on her and you did nothing to intervene there’s no need to come to her after all these years.”

Gertrude’s nose flared as she shifted her bag into her left hand. She clucked her tongue as she placed her right hand on her hip. “First of all you don’t know me to be walking up on me like you the police. And secondly, your sorry excuse for wife knows there’s something more to this ‘he left me bullshit’. As far as him whooping her ass and going upside her head from time to time, that’s her business. If she wasn’t such a mouthy bitch she probably could have avoided a few of those blows.”

Frank controlled his anger by counting to ten in his head and flexing his fists in and out. “I think I should advise you that I don’t take to kindly of someone like yourself referring to my wife other than her name. So why don’t we back this up a tad. I was being nice the first time but now I see there’s no need for me to continue.”

Gertrude held up her hand. “Listen, whatever your name is, you sound like an educated man, why don’t you take my advice. Don’t let that woman sway you into thinking she’s innocent and sweet. She’s conniving and sneaky as fuck. My brother knew this. She’s probably poisoning…”

“Why don’t you let me worry about my wife? What goes on in our lives is our fuckin’ business, not yours, so my advice to you is to back the fuck away from her or you’ll be dealing with me on a more personal basis. One that I don’t think your brother would approve of.”

Gertrude gasped and held her bag close to her hip. “What the hell does that suppose to mean?”

“You sound like a pretty smart woman, figure the shit out.” Frank turned around and walked back to his car. Before climbing inside, he turned to Gertrude and gave her the eyes of death, which caused her to hardened face turned to one who was fearful of their safety.