The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Chapter 8, part 2

Frank pressed the send button on his mobile phone and waited for Brie to pick up. After three rings, she answered the phone sounding out of breath.

“Brie, are you all right?”

“Yes, I’m fine. It just takes a lot out of me to move from the kitchen to the living room.”

“Well, I’m on my way home and I’m approaching the Baskin Robbins. Just wanted to know if…”

“Oh yes, bring home a quart of Strawberry cheesecake delight please. I bought some chessman cookies today and I forgot to get the dipping essentials.”

Frank chuckled into the phone and said, “I’m on it. Give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be there.”

He ended the call and pulled into the ice cream parlor’s parking lot. He checked out the people who walked out the parlor and noted those who were standing outside panhandling. Not wanting to be bother and rude, Frank decided to enter through the second entrance that was unoccupied by passersby. He climbed out the car and went to stand in line behind a woman who was busy looking in her purse.

She emptied a few contents on the counter and turned around to say, “You can go ahead of me. I can’t find my change.”

“Gracious, Ma’am,” he answered with a nod as he walked from behind her. He tapped on the service counter until one of the employees acknowledged him with a ‘just a minute’ expression. He nodded as acceptance and glanced down at the woman’s messy contents. He couldn’t help but be nosey as she pulled out a wallet, check stub, check book and personal handwritten notes.

It’s no wonder she can’t find her money, she has a life in that bag, Frank thought as he slid his hands inside his pant pockets for a ten-dollar bill. As he unfolded his money, he noticed the woman’s name on something.

Gertrude [last name]

Couldn’t be. Detroit seriously isn’t that small, is it?

The foreign descendent employee approached the counter and asked, “Can I help you sir?”

Frank placed and prepaid for his order before he made a mad dash back to his car. He stood outside the passenger door and called Brie. To confirm his suspensions, he asked Brie a series of questions in regard to Gertrude: her name, physical description, and last known address.

“Why are you asking all this now?” Brie asked.

“Just curious to know. I’ll see you in a little while,” he said before blowing a kiss and ending the call.

Frank went back inside the store and waited for his order. Gertrude must have finally located her money because the cashier was handing her back two fives and some silver change. She tossed everything back inside her purse and folded her arms across her chest. One of the counter attendants returned with Franks’ packaged order and thanked him for his patronage. He nodded and left the store.

He placed the frozen dessert on the floor of the passenger side of the car and unlocked the driver’s side door from the passenger panel. As he walked around the car, he spotted Gertrude exiting the parlor. Frank stepped around the front of the car and swiftly walked behind Gertrude.

“Excuse ma’am?”

Gertrude turned and stared at him with questioning eyes. “Yes?”

“By chance is your name Gertrude [last name]?”

“Who wants to know?”

“By the way you’re avoiding the question, I’ll take that as a yes. Listen,” he leaned in closer. “You’ve been fucking with my wife’s mind and I want the shit to stop. I don’t know you twos history but if my wife tells you that your no-good for shit brother left her then you should take that shit at face value. You know your brother wasn’t shit. Anytime she came to you and told you he was beating on her and you did nothing to intervene there’s no need to come to her after all these years.”

Gertrude’s nose flared as she shifted her bag into her left hand. She clucked her tongue as she placed her right hand on her hip. “First of all you don’t know me to be walking up on me like you the police. And secondly, your sorry excuse for wife knows there’s something more to this ‘he left me bullshit’. As far as him whooping her ass and going upside her head from time to time, that’s her business. If she wasn’t such a mouthy bitch she probably could have avoided a few of those blows.”

Frank controlled his anger by counting to ten in his head and flexing his fists in and out. “I think I should advise you that I don’t take to kindly of someone like yourself referring to my wife other than her name. So why don’t we back this up a tad. I was being nice the first time but now I see there’s no need for me to continue.”

Gertrude held up her hand. “Listen, whatever your name is, you sound like an educated man, why don’t you take my advice. Don’t let that woman sway you into thinking she’s innocent and sweet. She’s conniving and sneaky as fuck. My brother knew this. She’s probably poisoning…”

“Why don’t you let me worry about my wife? What goes on in our lives is our fuckin’ business, not yours, so my advice to you is to back the fuck away from her or you’ll be dealing with me on a more personal basis. One that I don’t think your brother would approve of.”

Gertrude gasped and held her bag close to her hip. “What the hell does that suppose to mean?”

“You sound like a pretty smart woman, figure the shit out.” Frank turned around and walked back to his car. Before climbing inside, he turned to Gertrude and gave her the eyes of death, which caused her to hardened face turned to one who was fearful of their safety.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Chapter 8, part 1

The boring sounds of Michael Bolton greeted Brie as she retrieved a shopping cart from the long line of pre-gathered carts. Just her luck she withdrew one with a squealing wheel that wasn’t properly alignment, so every few steps she had to prevent the cart from swerving into a display unit or bumping into another oncoming cart.

Brie stopped at the fruit and veggie area and grabbed a few pounds of apples, plums, and seedless oranges. Before traveling to the green vegetables, she noticed a guy who seemed to be overdressed to be doing heavy shopping. She paid him no mind as she bagged a head of romaine lettuce that was until he carried his hand basket over to her direction and fondled over the cabbage and remained in her comfort zone a little longer than he needed.

“Excuse me,” Brie said as she tried to steer her cart into the main isle.

“How are you feeling, Miss [Brie’s last name here]. I heard about your recent visit to the hospital. Are you okay?”

Brie slowed her stroll and looked up into the eyes of Detective [name here]. She blinked several times before speaking. “Are you guys stalking me now? What concern do you have of me being admitted to the hospital?”

The Detective turned around and shifted his weight onto the vegetable counter. “Not stalking, investigating.”

“There’s nothing to investigate. I told you that I don’t know where my ex husband is.”

“Well, Miss Gertrude [last name] seems to think otherwise. She states that her brother hasn’t contacted her in years and that’s not a habit he was accustomed. Now put yourself in her shoes, if your brother or sister stopped calling you and it was there regular habit, wouldn’t you be suspicious?”

“If my family member was a sneaky sonofabitch, then no, I wouldn’t be a bit suspicious.” Brie tried to move her cart but the detective grabbed hold of the iron basket.

His hard eyes locked with her worried peeps. “You know we’re going to uncover whatever you’re hiding.”

Brie pulled her basket away from his grasp. “There’s nothing to hide. You’re barking up the wrong fucking tree.”

Brie stepped away and walked to the deli section of the store and pulled a number. She glanced over her shoulder and watched the detective nonchalantly make his way in her direction. He picked up a loaf of rye bread and continued walking toward the dairy section where he grabbed a half-gallon of Lactaid and disappeared behind an aisle.

“Dickhead,” Brie mumbled as she waited for her number to be called.

After gathering her deli meats and sauces, she traveled down the breakfast cereal isle where she was temporarily blinded by a bright light at the end of the aisle. She squinted and tried to focus on the blurred body. Before she could get a good visual on the face, the person darted out of plain sight. Brie’s heart began to race as she reached for a box of Special K.

“What the f--”

She tossed the cereal into the cart and pushed down to the hot cereal with her eyes focused on the end of the isle. She grabbed a box of Quaker Oats and continued down the isle. A commotion erupted around the corner of the aisle. Brie hurriedly pushed her cart to investigate. When she bent the corner she saw a man getting up from the floor, dusting himself off and protecting his digital camera.

“I’m fine. I’m fine. I just tripped,” he shouted at a man who was helping him from the floor.

Three store employees restocked the shelves with the dish liquids that were on the floor from the fall. The man turned and looked at Brie and then adverted eye contact by quickly turning his shoulder and making a beeline to the nearest exit. Brie noticed he didn’t have a cart or a hand basket in his possession, just his camera and shoulder bag.

“These niggas are stalking me,” Brie whispered. Her hands tightened around the handle of the cart as she pushed it forward. “I can’t believe this shit.”

She waddled to the checkout counters and stood in line. She checked over her shoulder, behind her back and near the front exits to see if she saw any other suspicious persons lurking around. From what her eyes could see, the coast appeared to be clear. After paying for her merchandise, she made her way to the car where she saw Frank standing at the truck waiting for her to arrive.

“Why are you standing here with the trunk open?”

“I saw you coming out the market so I wanted to be here so you didn’t lift this stuff.”

Brie smiled and glanced over her shoulder and then scanned the parking lot.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Nobody in particular.”

“Who is nobody in particular? Gertrude?”

Brie stopped and gave Frank a look that was meant to silence his questions. “No. I’m just cautious to my surroundings that’s all.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry when I’m with you.”

The statement didn’t stop her eyes from wandering from car to car as she went to climb into the car.


Jaleesa stopped at the local mall after a workout session with three new clients. After picking up a bottle of hand sanitizer she wandered over to the media section of a music store to check out the new releases in the DVD and CD display racks. The crowd of young adults swayed her from stopping longer than five minutes. She noticed the sagging pants and hip-hop gear and wherever she saw those two combinations, she knew there was a breeding ground for trouble.

She pushed her cart to the end of the isle to look for the listing of new arrivals. As she scrolled down the list of titles by artists she couldn’t help but overhear the conversations among the teenagers.

“Why don’t you go ahead and get Young Jeezy and then I’ll buy T.I. then I’ll burn some copies and we can take them to school and sell ‘em for five dollars a whop.”

A young entrepreneur in the making, Jaleesa thought as she grabbed the latest Donell Jones CD. Reaching for India.Arie latest, she recognized the next voice amongst all the others that were in the mixing bowl.

“Fuck T.I. He ain’t no muthafuckin’ king. I’m the muthafuckin’ king!”

Jaleesa peered between the racks and saw Evan standing with his hand grabbing his crouch and waving his middle finger in the air. Her stomach felt like a load of bricks was dropped on her foot. She dipped her head low so that he didn’t see her eyes.

Before she squatted out of sight, she noticed a god-awful necklace dangling from his neck and three sparkling diamond rings on his hands. Jaleesa closed her eyes and heard his voice, ‘How you doin’ sexy?’


Evan flipped over his ringing cell phone and read the number on the caller ID display. His eyes glazed over as he pressed the ‘talk’ button.

“Hey,” he answered with his lips protruding.

“I need you to stop by and pick up the last of your stash before I sell it from under you.”

“Why you callin’ sweatin’ me about that shit? Maybe I ain’t finished sellin’ what I got.”

“Lil’ nigga I don’t know who the fuck you talkin’ to but I ain’t the one. Have yo’ lil’ skinny ass at my spot in a fuckin’ hour with my money or I’ll send somebody out to bring yo’ ass in.”

“Man, fuck you nigga! You ain’t my fuckin’ daddy. I’ll come over there when I’m good and fuckin’ ready.”

“Oh you wanna fuckin’ play?”

Evan opened his mouth to speak but the phone went dead before he uttered a word. He closed the phone, looked around at his staring friends and slipped the phone back inside his pocket. “Punk ass nigga owe me money and got the nerve to be frontin’ on me to come pick it up,” he lied. His underarms grew warm from his rattled nerves. “Man, c’mon I gotta pay for this shit and bounce. I got bitness to tend to,” he said one of his cronies.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Chapter 7, part 4

Frank held Brie’s hand the entire ride home. The doctor informed Frank that Brie had suffered premature labor and had to be bedridden for the next few days. She did receive five stitches to the back of her right thigh from the broken glass and was told to return to the hospital to remove the stitching. Brie wasn’t too pleased when she had to return to the hospital before it was time to deliver her child but she didn’t argue with his ruling.

Once home, Frank carried her upstairs to the bedroom and draped her across the bed. “You can’t keep giving me these scares Brie. My heart can’t take it.”

“Your heart? What about me? I was scared shitless. I thought the baby was going to roll out onto the glass.”

“Brie, who was here with you that got you all wound up like that?”

She swallowed and fiddled with the comforter before answering. “Nobody important.”

“Bullshit, Brie. Whatever you’re hiding you might as well tell me because I’m going to find out eventually.”

Brie tucked her hands under her thighs and bit down on her bottom lip. “Frank, leave it alone. She was nobody.”

“Oh she’s somebody. She almost made you lose the baby.”

Brie lowered her head. “Frank. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Brie, I don’t want you being stressed out like that anymore. Baby, you gotta tell me how else can I help you?”

She remained silent. “I can’t, Frank, I just can’t.”

Frank sighed. “Brie, I love you with every being of my body. I never want any harm to come to you or your family. So no matter what the problem is you can talk to me. Maybe we can work it out together. I promise you I won’t let any harm come your way, not as long as I’m alive. You have to trust me on this.”

Brie’s eyes began to sting at his words. She looked up at him solemn face and opened her mouth to speak but a tear fell instead.

Frank put his hand on Brie’s knee and rubbed it gently. “Was it Gertrude?”

She nodded and wiped her face.

“What did she want? Was she threatening you again?”

Brie nodded again.

Frank pulled her into his arms and held her tight. “Don’t worry about her any more. Miss Gertrude won’t be bothering you any more.”

“Frank, can we go somewhere? Just go. I don’t care where I just need to get away.”

“Brie, I don’t think we can do that right now. I mean, the doctor already said you need to stay off your feet.”

“But Frank…”

“Shhh…tell you what.” He stroked her hair. “As soon as the doctor gives you the go ahead, I’ll take you up North so you can sit by the lake and enjoy the nothingness. I’ll give you a massage, oil you down, wash your hair in the spring water, and polish your toes.”

“A lot of good that does when I can’t see my toes.”

“Oh but it’ll make you feel good. I’ll have your favorite desserts on standby. We’ll have a fireplace going and I’ll cater to your every whim while you’re with me.”

“Gosh, that day can’t come soon enough.”

“But Brie, you gotta tell me when things are troubling you. We don’t want you going into labor prematurely. It’s not healthy for you or the baby.”

Brie nodded. “Okay, I will. No more secrets.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

Frank kissed her forehead and assisted her back against the pillows and turned on the television before snuggling against her plump bosom.


Hasaan and Athena talked more about his parents and siblings as they walked back to her apartment. Chris walked behind with Joseph in tow, together smoking the last of the blunt. Athena couldn’t understand how she felt so at ease with Hasaan. He was the typical guy she always strayed away from. With the exception of Derrick who she almost gave her virginity to before Mister Parker intervened.

Hasaan was a cool guy. He spoke highly of his parents and siblings. He had one older brother, Rasheed, who was an ex con but turned his life around after serving eight years in prison for grand thief. He now owns his basketball warehouse where he grosses over 100k in profits. Not bad for someone who couldn’t get financing because of his felony record. His sister, Remy, owned an ice cream parlor in Birmingham, Alabama. She too makes a great deal of money while she supports her two children with a husband who works for automobile dealership.

Listening to Hasaan go on and on about his family made her realize how lucky she was to have Mister Parker in her life Without him, she wouldn’t be in Howard University living comfortably. It was because of his half million dollars that she was able to get the plush apartment off campus and get it fully furnished without a layaway plan.

When they arrived at her complex, there was an awkward moment where she had to decide whether or not to invite her guests into her home. Now that she had furniture, she didn’t want Chris making a big deal about her finances in front of Hasaan.

“Dayum girl are you going to leave us out on the stoop or you’re going invite us up for a nightcap?”

Athena contemplated for another minute before opening the gate and inviting them up. Upon entering her home, Chris barged in first before Athena had a chance to deactivate the alarm system.

“Aw hell naw! Look at this shit! You went shopping without me. Your place is laid out!” Chris said before she plopped down on the sofa. “Gurl, this is some nice shit.”

Hasaan followed behind Athena and scanned the room. “This is nice. Your family can afford all this?”

Joseph coughed to clear the phlegm in his throat. “Where’s the Playstation 2?”

“I don’t have one of those,” Athena answered Joseph and then turned to Hasaan. “And I use layaway.”

“Damn, you even got a plasma screen. I’ve been dreaming of one of these. But I can’t get one on account I’m being watched like a hawk on my spending habits.”

“Oh come one Hasaan I know you gotta booster fronting all your gear. You couldn’t possibly be making that kind of money work at Movie Mania on the weekend,” Chris yelled from across the room.

“Why don’t you stay out of grown folks business,” Hasaan retorted as he took a seat at the small bar area in the kitchen. “So what you got to drink newbie?” he asked Athena who stood dumbfounded at the refrigerator as Joseph took a seat next to Chris.

“I got orange, cranberry, white grape, and Diet Coke.”

“You got any liquor?” Joseph asked.


“Good. I don’t drink the shit anyway, but lil’ Miss Put ‘Em Back will drink like a fish fresh out of water.”

Athena giggled as she imagined the truth behind his statement. Watching Chris’ behavior after a few puffs from the blunt, she could tell that she was wild and untamed when she got high.

Hasaan held his gaze with Athena as she opened the refrigerator. “So what are you having?”

“Let me get the Orange and Cranberry mixed together.” He licked his lips like LL Cool J without lip balm on hand.

Athena rubbed the back of her neck to sooth away the heat that rose within. She reached into the cupboard and grabbed a plastic cup. Hasaan stood from his stool and asked Chris and Joseph what they were drinking. They both declined as they fought over the remote control to the television. Hasaan then walked into the kitchen and reached for the refrigerator handle, but his hand accidentally grazed against Athena’s. She slowly pulled her hand away and wished the chill bumps to subside.

Hasaan behind her and pretended to look in the refrigerator. Athena moved along the counter giving him room to maneuver behind her. He turned his body so that his crotch would brush against her thigh. Athena held her breath as she poured the juices with a steady hand. Hasaan held the refrigerator door open and when Athena turned to put the beverages back inside, her lips accidentally brushed against his chin.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I almost soaked you there.”

“No biggie. I’m sure you have a washer and dryer on the premises,” he said seductively.

Athena handed him the cartons and stepped away from the counter. “I’ll be right back. I need to run to the bathroom.”

“Hurry back.” He said as he raised his cup to his mouth. His sexy parting lips expelled his long, thick tongue before he placed his cup against his face.

Athena quickly shifted her weight and peeled off to the bathroom. She raced down the corridor and slammed the door when she entered the tiled room. After turning the door lock she bounced her head against the back of the door and chanted, “Slow your row, Atty. You know if he trying this hard to get the panties he can wait to get the panties. Don’t go for it. Do not fall for it. You got…umm…uh…what’s his name at home?”


Brad stripped out of his clothes as well as Jaleesa’s. After their quick humping session, he didn’t want to leave it at that. He admired her copper toned body. Her soft skin made his limp member come to life at just the sight of her flawless beauty. How any man could want to harm this beautiful creature was beyond him. Jaleesa not only turned him out sexually but her spirit made him long for her.

Brad stood before her and massaged her perked tits until her nipples crinkled from gentle stimulation. Her breathing became slow as he felt her heart beat quicken at his touch. He bent over, lifted her right breast to his lips where he teased her tight skin between his lips and then flicked his tongue against the sensitive tip. Jaleesa’s head tilted to the side as she trailed her fingernails through his fine mane and tickled his scalp. Excited by her touch, his dick rose and throbbed against her bald area. It pushed its way against her slit and fucked her clit as they stood before one another loving each other’s touch.

Unable to contain his passion and wanting inhibition, Brad scooped Jaleesa’s warm body into his arms and carried her to the bathroom. He started the shower, and continually check to make sure the water was at the right temperature. Once the room steamed, Brad opened the window slightly and then scooped Jaleesa back into his arms and placed her in the tub. Seeing the water drench her skin and hair was like watching his favorite movie in black and white. Everything about this woman was magnificent and he couldn’t wait to serve her body the way he knew she would appreciate.

Before he could step inside the sprinkling water, Jaleesa started having her way with him. She was pawing and clawing at him as he kissed her deep and hard. She was like a lioness in heat as he lathered her body with the body shampoo. Her fondling hands slowed as Brad applied a small amount of soap to his palm and massaged it into her hair down to her scalp. As he kneaded her scalp, she moaned at his touch and let her body to relax. Brad pressed her back against the tiled wall and parted her legs with his knee. Following his lead, Jaleesa climbed up his thigh like an exotic wild animal and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Brad reached between her legs and manipulated her bald pussy until she panted and begged for him to enter her. Not wanting to keep his lady waiting, he grabbed his mans and stroked himself until his penis was so hard that it hurt to touch. His balls tightened to the size of golf balls as he aimed for her slippery opening.

“You want this dick, baby.”

“Yes, Brad, yes,” she said between breaths.

“Where do you want it?” He rubbed it against her slit like a snake sizing its prey, teasing her to the point that she squirmed at his touch.

Jaleesa licked her lips repeatedly and managed to say, “Right there. I want you inside me.”

Brad leaned in and pressed his chest against hers, letting his third leg extension caress her soft lips between her thighs. He leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Show me where you want it.”

Brad stood almost nose-to-nose with Jaleesa as she inserted one finger in her mouth, trailed it along his lips, down her neck, against her sternum until she reached her lust pot.
“I want it right here. I want you to fuck me good, Brad. Fuck me like it’s my first time being with you,” Jaleesa said.

Those words penetrated his brain like a sword through his heart. He pushed the head of his dick against her swollen folds and poked the head of his manhood between her hot lips. Brad grabbed her hips and pulled her downward as he thrust deep within her sweet walls. After stretching her soft skin to accommodate him, her flesh tightened around his muscle, and began squeezing him as if to try to expel his cum before he had a chance to massage the tender walls.

“Wait, baby, wait. Let me play with for a minute,” he said as he whirled around her fiery orifice.

Listening and understanding his reasoning, Jaleesa stopped playing her game and instead bounced against him with steady hips. Brad planted his feet onto the no-skid mat and steadied his knees to allow his penetration to be strong and deep. The slippery tile wall aided in guiding Jaleesa up and down his stick without their rhythm being broken.

“Fuck this.” Fed up with the normal position, Brad removed himself, placed Jaleesa on the tub and spun her around so that her breasts were pressed against the wall. He forced her to open her legs to him once again; only this time when he entered he made one smooth entrance and let himself throb inside her so that she could feel what he had to offer her.

“Oooooh, yesssss,” she hissed.

“No not yet,” he whispered.

Brad extracted himself, knelt down to his knees and buried his face between her cheeks. He extended his tongue and plunged inside her tight hole. Returning the gesture that Jaleesa fulfilled his with earlier, he wanted to push her over the edge with his oral stimulation. He swirled his mouthpiece inside her anal cavity as if he cleaning his plate of his favorite meal.

Jaleesa reached behind and parted her cheeks for him and pushed back against his face. Seeing how she was open to his pleasure-seeking tactic, Brad grabbed her hips and continued his licking frenzy. He flicked his tongue along her swollen womanhood and trailed up along the crease of her ass leaving marks of passion as evidence he had her. With Jaleesa holding her arse open to him, he inserted on finger inside her anus as he sucked the sticky juices from her throbbing folds. Jaleesa pushed her hips back that led him to guess she was begging for him to take her again.

Brad bathed her body with his long tongue as the shower water trickling from her round bottom onto his face. As he ravished her, Jaleesa’s finger nails dug into her skin as the intensive eruptions in her loins exploded and exuded her luscious cream down her thighs for Brad to feast upon. Jaleesa shuddered as her body tried to regain stability, but not before Brad inserted his manhood inside her taut anus. Jaleesa cried out in excitement as she reached behind and guided his hand to the front of her bald pussy. There was no need to explain or demonstrate what she desired. Brad inserted two fingers in her hot walls and manipulated her clit with his thumb sending Jaleesa into orbit with exhilaration.

With rotating hips and powerful thrusts inside her anal cavity, along with his fingers discovering and manipulating her G-spot it wasn’t long before sensuous tingles submerged in Brad’s being.

“Oh baby, ooooh baby, you’re going to make me cum again,” Jaleesa crooned as the shower water pounding against the side of her face.

“Let me cum with you, Jaleesa,” Brad panted between thrusts.

She reached behind him and held onto his toned cheeks, forcing him to take her deeper, faster, and harder. He obliged and filled her to capacity until his warm, wet balls slapped against her clit with each push. Together, they both experienced a window shattering orgasm that made them both stop and enjoy the moment without litigable words being spoken. The only sounds made were that of the water splashing against the tub and the couple trying to get control of their breathing.