The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Chapter 7, part 3

The cold waiting area of the emergency room did nothing for Parker’s nerves. He paced the floors until he wore a groove in the waxed tile. He chewed off his thumbnails damn near down the cuticles before he decided to relax and watch CNN highlights on the wall-mounted television set. The cold plastic chair offered no comfort he waited for word on Brie’s status.

Across the room sat a set of twins and their mother. The slightly overweight, dirty blonde busied herself with a pair of knitting needles and a ball of yawn as the pigtail-wearing twins coughed and wiped their noses on their shirtsleeves. Parker cringed at the germs they were breeding in their clothes. He couldn’t help but let his eyes wander to the woman’s feet where he noticed her worn tennis shoes were stained green. The girls sneezed and Parker thanked God that they were across the room because the last thing he needed was to bring home germs to his son. The girls played patty cakes and their mom seemed uninterested.

The sliding doors open and in waltzed Frank with a worried expression. His eyes scanned the room until he met Parker’s. “Where is she?” was the first thing out of his mouth as he approached.

Parker rose from his seat and slipped his hands in his pant pockets. “She’s in with the doctors now. We can’t do anything but wait right now.”

“Has there been any updates?” Frank asked as he stroked the back of his neck.

“None. A nurse came out and said she was awake and alert but that was about it.”

Frank continued rubbing his neck with more tension along his head and near his earlobe. “Dammit! I should’ve stayed with her. I knew something was going to happen when I left her.”

Parker shook my head. “Don’t go beating yourself up. You didn’t know this was going to happen.”

Frank began to pace but abruptly stopped. “The baby! Did they say anything about the baby?”

“No. Nothing,” Parker offered.

Frank went back to pacing and speaking to himself in another language. Parker didn’t know what to say to this man. He had never been in this kind of situation before so he had no words of encouragement other than a pat to his shoulder to let Frank know her was there for him.

Finally, the nurse came out to greet the men with a look of hope. Parker tapped Frank on the shoulder. “This is the nurse who came out and talked to me before.” Both Frank and Parker raced across the room eager to hear the news about Brie.

She clasped her hands together and smiled. “Good news. She’s out of the woods. She’s resting comfortable right now. We managed to stop the bleeding and bandaged her up pretty well. She had a pretty nasty cut to her right thigh.”

Parker raised my hand to pause her words. “I’m sorry, this is her fiancée Frank. I think maybe you should direct this information to him. I’m just the neighbor.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

Frank stepped aside the nurse.

“Well, your fiancée is doing just fine.”

“How’s the baby?”

“The baby’s fine, just a bit stressed.”

Frank released a deep sigh and turned to Parker with a short smile. “When will I be able to see Brie?”

“Well, again, the doctor will come out and give you a full run down on your bride to be. He’s basically going to answer all your questions you may have as well as let you know what she needs to do to avoid this from happening again. Just be patient for a little while longer. He shouldn’t be much longer.”

“Thank you,” the men said in unison as the nurse turned to leave.

Parker plopped back down on his seat and stared up at the speckled ceiling and said a silent thank you to the Man up above, as he was sure Frank was doing the same.