The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chapter 7, part 2

After series of questions from the Oakland County police, Jaleesa returned home still on edge. She raced to her kitchen and snatched open the cabinet that housed her vodka and wine. With shaking hands, she grabbed the bottle of Grey Goose and a shot glass. She tucked the bottle under her arm and made her way to the sofa. She sat the glass on the coffee table and uncorked the bottle. Without removing her purse from her shoulder, she threw back one quick shot. As the alcohol simmered in her stomach, she poured another shot. She leaned across the sofa and pressed the message button on the answering machine on the end table.

“Hey Jaleesa. Just wondering if you were up for some dinner. I tried calling your cell phone today but it went straight to voicemail.” Brad went on to state the restaurant he wanted to try and for her to call him as soon as she got the message.

“I’ll call you as soon as I knock back a couple more of these shots Brad. I promise,” she said as she raised the glass to her lips.

After her disoriented state kicked in, Jaleesa called Brad and asked for him to pick her up because she wasn’t capable of backing her car out the driveway let alone down a busy street. She glanced at the clock to see it read 10:26 p.m. She closed her eyes as her body collapsed in between the sofa pillows. She smiled as she laced her fingers behind her head and enjoyed the blissful feeling of inebriation.

A gentle knock at the door awakened Jaleesa from her brief slumber. She glanced at glowing clock that read 11:32 p.m. and staggered to the front door. She checked the peephole and saw Brad checking his watch. Jaleesa opened the door. As Brad stepped inside, she threw her arms around his neck in a clumsy manner and gave his a sloppy kiss.

“Whoa! Are you all right?” he asked as he held her snuggly.

“Oh I’m fine. I’m feeling fine as good wine.” A quick hiccup escaped her. She covered her mouth with one hand. “Oops, excuse me. That was nasty.”

Brad pulled back and stared at Jaleesa with questioning eyes. “Have you been drinking?”

“Hell yes. I had a rough day.”

“You wanna talk about it?”

“No I don’t wanna fuck about it. Let’s go eat.”

Brad chuckled under his breath. “No I said talk about it.”

“Oh.” Jaleesa giggled. “My bad. I guess my drinks are affecting my hearing.

Brad guided her to the sofa where he saw the half drank bottle of vodka and an empty shot glass on the coffee table. Her heels were tucked under the table as was her purse and its contents were scattered on floor and table. He helped her onto the sofa where she plopped down and kicked one foot on top the table.

“Jaleesa what happened?”

“Oh nuttin’ much. Only I stopped at the jewelry store today and had a gun pointed in my face.”


“Yeah, darnedest thing. The damn jeweler was held up, they robbed the place in under five minutes, and I was laying on the floor concentrating on how not to piss the damn floor.”

Brad grabbed the bottle of liquor. “Well, drinking yourself into a coma isn’t going to help matters. Are you still up to eating?”

“Nope. I’m fine just the way I am.”

Well, I’m going to put on a pot of coffee.”

“I don’t want coffee Brad. I want this alcohol to stay in my system until it wears off. I don’t want to think about today anymore. Just let me have this peace, okay!”

Brad bowed his head. “Okay.” He went into the kitchen and put the tall bottle on the counter top and loosened his tie. As he stepped back into the living room, he slid out of his blazer. Jaleesa could see his nipples pressed against his shirt, which led her eyes to hands that pulled his necktie from his collar.

She stood from the sofa and walked in his approaching path. Without warning, she put her hand against his chest to pause his pace. Jaleesa removed his hand from the tie and finished where he left off. She tugged the colored cloth from his neck and gazed into his eyes as she unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and worked her way downward. Pushing the garment from his shoulders, the beige shirt fell to the floor while Jaleesa smoothed her hands around his waist, and pulled his undershirt from waistband of his pants. She glided her hands along his back, enjoying the silkiness of his skin. She returned to the wrinkled edges of his shirt and pulled them upward until she tossed the white tee across the room.

Jaleesa leaned in and pressed her lips against his pink, erect nipple. Circling the tip of her tongue along his areola until it tightened and crinkled at her touch. Brad’s head fell backward as her lips coiled around his taut flesh.

“Oooh, shit,” he whispered as Jaleesa slithered her hand inside the front of his pants.

As she continued to kiss his chest, she used both hands to undo the buckle of his pants and unfasten the pant clasp. Pulling on the zipper hand, Jaleesa kissed her way to his other nipple and massaged his hardening cock simultaneously. Brad moaned at her sensual touch.

Jaleesa pushed his pants to his ankle and before long she knelt before him and grabbed his shaft with both hands and fed her hungry mouth. She slid her tongue down his thick skin and circled around his meat. Enjoying the feel of him, she slurped at the crown with puckered lips followed by poking inside his slit as she fondled his hairy balls between her fingers. Her pussy was on fire as she enjoyed the taste of his dick.

Brad placed his hand on the back of her head as she guided her mouth up and down his pipe. She inhaled him deep, relaxed her throats and accepted his massive dick deep within. As if she was starving for his flesh, she sucked him hard and rapid. Wishing she could detach his dick from his body she glided her mouth up and down his wand with rushed pacing. Jaleesa gargled on his crown as it throbbed between her relaxed tonsils all while holding his balls tightly.

She pulled back and felt the main blood vessel throbbed at the roof of her mouth as she sucked hard from his human straw.

“Oh shit, Jaleesa, what are you doing to me?”

Jaleesa picked up the pace with her oral delight. Her jaws locked, as her mouth grew tired of being stretched to accommodate him. She reached between her legs and tore her panties at the crotch. She grabbed Brad’s hand.

“Sit on the arm of the sofa,” she instructed.

Not hesitating, Brad sat down and before he had a moment to object, Jaleesa mounted him and glided her hot pussy onto his soaked dick. With precise movement, she pushed own on him until he filled her to the hilt.

“Oooh shit, that’s it right there,” Jaleesa hissed as her head fell back. She rounded her back, grabbed onto his tight ass and started her motion. Slow in the beginning to ensure his fit, Jaleesa squeezed her inner muscles—locking his dick in space—and picked up her pace. Brad held onto her with all his might as she took him deep inside. Her movements were fast and controlled. The erotic bliss of their wet bodies became evident as the sloshing of sex juices mixed creating a smacking noise each time she thrust against him.

It wasn’t long before Brad cried out in ecstasy as did Jaleesa in the heat of his sexual explosion.

“Brad, you make my body feel so good. I gotta keep you around for a while.”

“I’ll be here as long as you need me,” he responded while wiping the sweat from her brow.