The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Monday, November 20, 2006

Chapter 7, part 1

The spitting flames drew the college kids closer in proximity. The crackling of wood splitting was overshadowed by the sounds of rap music and men chanting the sexually suggestive lyrics of 50 Cent’s Candy Shop.

“Athena, can you excuse me a second? I’m going to run and holla at my boy real fast.”

“Okay by me.”

“Me too Hasaan!” Chris yelled before she grabbed Athena by the hand and walked toward the towering flames and mingling drunken student body. Athena was overwhelmed with the number of people who drank without regards to what they were in taking. Chris didn’t seem affected by the loud and lewd behavior as she introduced Athena to her friends and former classmates. Athena tried to guess whom she was involved with intimately; by the way she said their names and her obvious body language.

Chris grabbed Athena’s hand and led her down a grassy area where another large group of students laid on blankets while watching the flames topple into the atmosphere. The overpowering smell of marijuana grabbed her immediate attention.

“Hey pass it down, man. Why you always hoggin’ the blunt?” she heard someone say as she watched one guy passing a brown cigar over to another.

Athena glanced around in search of the voice but there were too many faces to place it. Chris continued holding Athena’s hand until she found an empty spot to lie out her blanket.

“This cool with you, Athena?”

She shrugged. “I guess.”

Chris unfolded her blanket and draped it out next to the guys who were sharing their illegal substance. “Hey, I know you guys are going to let me hit that.”

Athena’s eyebrows rose. “Damn, do you even know them?”

Chris turned to Athena. “This is Joseph Dixon and that’s his partner Samuel. We go, how shall I say it, way back? Joseph and I used to fuck around during my first semester. We kept in touch and his boy Samuel is real cool peeps. He used to tutor me in Biology last year.”

“That’s it?”

“Of course not. Samuel is a big nerd but can give some mean head.”

Athena shook her head in disbelief. “TMI.”

“What? I thought you should know, just in case you’re in need of a little…” she nudged Athena’s arm, “special attention.”

Athena laughed. “Sorry but anybody you’ve already, I don’t think I need to sample. I’m kinda picky with who I’m with.”

“Gurl, this is college. You can have as much fun as you want and don’t have to worry about your parents in your grill about it.”

Athena laughed at her reasoning before her giggles were silenced by the sight of the Adonis approaching. His sculpted figure appeared to come through the fire like a reigning king. Chris’ voice because muffled words of nothingness as Hasaan approached. He smiled at her before standing by her side.

“Can I join you guys?” he asked.

“Free country,” Athena answered before sliding closer to Chris as she took a pull from the shared blunt.

“So how’s it going? Athena, right?”

“Shuddup! Don’t even try and play me like that.”

Hasaan chuckled. “Okay, my bad. But feel how you doing? You diggin’ the college life so far?”

“I haven’t really seen anything. Other than the ongoing partying, it feels like Belle Isle back at home.”

“What’s Belle Isle?” Hasaan questioned as he made himself comfortable on the uncovered blanket of grass.

“Belle Isle is a remote island in downtown Detroit that the local partiers go and hang out. There’s typically family reunions during the summer days, but for the most part, it’s known for cruising, partying, and hidden sex.”

“Kinda like a strip for people to show off their rides and pick up girls, huh?”

“Exactly. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“Cool. Maybe one day when I come to Detroit you can show me around this Belle Isle.”

Athena swallowed before she spoke. Her words were a bit caught in her throat as she though of being this man’s personal guide through the city. “I can do that.”

“So what’s your major?”

She sighed. “I’m not quite sure yet. I’m going to take some basic courses for this year and then hopefully I’ll have a general idea of what I want to do.”

Hasaan leaned back onto his elbow and turned his attention to fire. “Smart thinking.”

“How ‘bout you?”

“Architecture. My dad owns a landscaping company back home and my mother is a caterer. I’ve watched them work themselves crazy with the hustle and bustle of demanding customers and I decided that once I was done with football I was going to have a career that I enjoyed and didn’t feel like it was a job.”

“What made you pick architecture?”

“Pretty much the flexibility. I love to draw and design things. I used to want to be an artist but I don’t like the idea of being a starving artists. Architects make hella money, especially once I own my own firm.”

“Well, good luck with that. That sounds like a nice career move once your football career is done.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Besides, we got enough brothers designing shoes, clothes or working for the NFL front offices.”

“You’re right about that. Well, at least you have plan. Many players retire and don’t know what else to do with their lives.”

“Yeah, or worse, leave school, get injured and then don’t know what they want o do with their lives.”

Hasaan turned back to Athena and she watched his eyes gaze over her body. The sight of him checking her out made her hot within. She imagined him touching her in an inappropriate manner. No man had penetrated her heart other than Mister Parker. The more she thought about being with Hasaan the warmer she became. Trying not to appear obvious, Hasaan turned onto his hip while still resting on his elbow and brushed Athena hair from her shoulder.

His fingertip touched her cheek and earlobe, which sent hot chills throughout her body. She pulled away slightly but not on purpose. The feeling she was experiencing was too much for her to handle at that moment.

“You have nice hair,” he said.

Probably the dumbest thing she ever heard, but at that moment, it sounded heavenly. “Thanks,” she responded.

Hasaan rested his hand near her arm and continued staring at her. “Where you get those big ass hoop earrings?”

Athena broke into laughter, which caught the attention of Chris. Chris leaned forward and saw Hasaan laughing also. “Hey, what’s going with you two?”

“Hasaan is stupid,” Athena stated before pulling her hair back.

“Wha’sup, Chris,” Hasaan asked as he tickled Athena’s ribcage.

“Uh-huh. Don’t do that.” Athena said as she swatted his hand away.

“What? You ticklish?”

“Very much so and unless you want to be sporting a black eye tomorrow I suggest you cut that out.”

“Oh shit! You violent and feisty, that’s my kinda woman,” Hasaan gloated.

Chris stood from the blanket and passed the blunt to Athena. Athena politely waved it away. Chris walked behind her and then handed it to Hasaan.

“You know damn well I can’t be fucking with that shit.”

“Oh my bad. Scholarship boy. You gotta keep the piss clean, right?”

Hasaan eyebrows flinched as he rolled off his hip. Athena caught the pissed off look on his face before he blew a short sigh.

“Chris, why don’t you leave the man alone? You know he can’t get caught with that stuff while he’s playing football.”

Hasaan glanced at Athena and smiled. Athena returned the gesture and licked her tongue out.

“So what y’all two bosom buddies and shit now? Forget both of y’all. I’m getting high. I don’t have class tomorrow so I’m about to party.”

Chris walked back toward Joseph and handed him the blunt. Suddenly voices and laughter grew louder from the hilltop. A group of bodies walked around the flames and Athena couldn’t help but notice that all the girls were topless and wearing thongs. Her jaw dropped in disbelief.

“Oh hell naw! What is this Girls Gone Wild?” she asked.

“Sortaspeak. These bomb fires can get kinda wild.”

“Well, it’s making me uncomfortable. I don’t need to be around this.” Athena rose and dusted her backside. “I’m going back to my apartment.”

“Wait hold up, I’ll walk you. You don’t need to be walking by yourself this late,” Hasaan volunteered.

“Oh y’all not about to leave me out here by my damn self. I’m coming too,” Chris stated as she stumbled backward. “Whoa! That’s some good fuckin’ weed right there!”

Athena’s happy go lucky expression diminished into one of disappointment.