The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Friday, November 03, 2006

Chapter 5, parts 1, 2, 3

After the detectives left Parker’s house, they pulled out the driveway and drove directly across the way and parked in front of Brie’s crib. Parker watched them from Tyler’s window as they approached her and Frank. Brie sat in a resin chair as Frank extracted a few weeds from the landscaping. By the expression on Brie’s face and wild hand gestures, it was obvious that she was collaborating with Parker’s side of the story. The detectives stood on the lawn for no more than ten minutes and soon smiled and headed back to their car. Not much later, Brie waddled across Parker’s lawn and he trotted down the stairs before she had a chance to ring the bell.

Parker snatched open the door and startled her. She jumped slightly and grabbed her chest before speaking.

“Did you know I was coming over?” She asked, patting her chest.

“No I was just about to go to my car. What do you need Brie?”

“I don’t need anything. I just wanted to let you know the police were just at my house questioning me about you and Mark?”

“Really?” Pretending to be surprised, Parker asked, “What did you say?”

“I told them there wasn’t anything to say. I told them that we witnessed Mark breaking in your house and then he came back over here drunk and you guys fought. When I told them that Mark pulled a gun on you they were taken back by that.”

“Mmmph. Funny, they doubted me when I said the same thing.”

“Well, that’s what cops do. They make you think they don’t believe you until they hear it from other people how it went down and then they move onto the next person they want to label as a suspect.”


“Yeah, why else do you think they question you?”

“Brie, I don’t know. I heard about the man’s death but I never would’ve thought they would’ve questioned me about it.”

“Did they ask you if you owned a gun?”

“Nope. Why?”

“Because whoever off that Mark put several bullets in his ass to make sure he wasn’t breathing.”

Parker shook his head in disgust as he stepped out onto the porch. “Such a bold way to die, but hey, you live by the sword then you die by one.”

“I wish he did live by the sword, it would’ve served him right if someone cut his dick off.”

Parker chuckled at her anger. He knew Brie didn’t care for Mark after he raped her and left her carrying a baby she wasn’t prepared to care for. It was a good thing that Frank entered her life. Not only did she stop pursuing Parker, she seemed to be a peace with her happiness.

He looked Brie in the eyes and asked, “How are you handling his demise?”

“Who me? Shit I can’t wait until they throw the last bit of dirt on his ass so I can dance on his fucking grave.”

Pakrer smiled at her conviction. “Brie, you gotta let it go. You’re happy with Frank now. Try not to think about Mark anymore.” he rubbed her shoulder and could sense her tension soothing over.

“You’re right. Look I just wanted to stop by and tell you that the cops probably won’t be coming back over so you can breathe easy.”

“Thanks, Brie.”

“Nothing to thank me about. I just told the truth.” She turned and walked back across the lawn and took her seat back on the lawn chair.


Jamal stood outside the Three Star Market on Schoenherr and waited. The likes of Evan stepped out the glass swinging door lighting a short cigar between his lips.

“Yo’! You Evan?” Jamal said after he powered down his tinted window.

Even removed his cigar, squinted, and hutched over to see inside the car. “Who wants to know?”

“An interested party.”

Evan stood erect, tossed the clear wrapper to the ground and shoved his lighter in his pocket. “Nigga, wha’chou lookin’ for a dime or a quarter?”

“Neither. My partner wants to set up a meeting with you,” Jamal answered with index finger curled slightly around the trigger of his hidden nine-millimeter glock.

“Who the fuck is yo’ partner and what does he want to meet with me for?”

“His name is Rico and he has a proposition for you.” Jamal handed Evan a business card with green writing. “Give him a call at your earliest convenience. It would be in your best interest to hear him out.”

Evan accepted the card and read over the number. When he looked up from the card, Jamal was backing out of the party store’s parking lot in his dark-colored sedan. “Dayum,” Evan mumbled as he read the name and number again before slipping it in his back pocket.


Athena tossed and turned for a while until her body relaxed and allowed her to drift into a nice slumber. She saw the double hung doors of her first hour class and peeked inside the small, rectangular pane. The instructor’s area was vacant and there were approximately ten students in the room drinking beer from the keg and screaming like wild animals. Athena couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Is this what college life is all about?” she asked herself while trying to focus on the faces amongst the small party pool.

Immediately she spotted Hasaan and Chris dancing together in a dirty fashion. He lifted her top over her head and cupping her breasts. She swatted his hands away and fed them to his open mouth. Hasaan leaned down and engulfed her small tits into his mouth and grabbed her by the ass and carried her to the instructor’s desk where he stripped her out of her tight jeans. Chris turned her head to the doors and smiled at Athena.

Athena watched in astonishment. How could she be so bold as to let him take on the desk in front of everyone in the class? She blinked a couple of time and watched Hasaan extract his huge black cock and then he too turned to Athena and smiled. He gripped his shaft with one hand. Athena licked her lips at the sight of his huge member. Just the appearance of it made her salivate and guess the approximate length and width of his dick. He slapped his mushroom head on Chris’ thigh before he plunged inside her. Chris screamed in ecstasy as he pushed deep. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and pulled out so that Athena could see his wet member going inside her friend. He continued to extract himself for what seemed like miles before he pushed his way back inside her.

“What’s he got a damn python for a dick?” Athena thought as she watched him work his hips.

Athena opened her eyes and noticed her legs were wet and coated with her womanly fluid.

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