The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chapter 5, part 4

“Yeah, some nigga gave me yo’ number, so whassup?” Evan said into his mobile phone.

“Who am I speaking with first of all?” Rico asked.

“Dis Evan.”

Rico shifted in his seat as he listened to the background noise through his Blue Tooth earpiece. “You one of Mark’s boys, right?”

“You can say that.”

“I was wondering if you I can sit down and kick around shit for a minute.”

“What kinda shit you talkin’?”

Rico smiled. “Not over the phone, bro. How ‘bout we meet up at Pretty Woman? I buy you a couple of beers.”

“What time you talkin’?”

“Let’s say ‘bout an hour?”

“Aw’ight. I’ll be at the bar.”

Rico ended the call and laughed with Jamal. “All right it’s on. You rollin’ out wit’ me?”

Jamal nodded once. “Fa sho.”


”Athena, where you at? I thought you were coming to the bomb fire?”

“I’m on my way down right now. Hold on a sec. I have to pull my hair up.”

“Okay, hurry up I got people waiting on us.”

“All right.” Athena slipped a couple of Asian hairpins near her ear and adjusted her blouse. She then grabbed her purse, keys, and sweater from the counter and raced out the apartment. Before she dashed to the staircase, she stopped in her tracks.

“Shit! I forgot to set the alarm.” She waved down the thought. “Oh neva mind, I don’t have anything for anyone to steal yet.”

She trotted down the staircase and raced down the approach where she saw Chris waiting in a Honda Civic with two other girls in the backseat. Athena ran to the car and climbed into the passenger seat.

“Jasmine and Jody, this is Athena. Athena vice versa,” Chris introduced as she steered the car away from the curbside. “I see you’re one of those last minute sistahs,” Chris assessed as she turned the car to the left.

“Not really, I took a nap and woke up later than I wanted.”

“Well, I hope you’re wide awake now because this bomb fire is gonna be off the chain! We always have a good time. The niggas be hyped and the ladies are crazy. It’s funny, when I first came to this campus I thought everybody was going to be stuck up out here but they’re not. Everybody is so down to earth and approachable.”

“That’s a good thing,” Athena said as she slipped into her sweater.

Jody leaned over the passenger seat. “Where you from Athena?”

“Detroit, Michigan.”

“Oh snaps you from the D? Damn, is it as bad as the media depicts it?”


“So the Mayor is rocking Navigators and big diamond earrings?”

Athena smiled as she fastened the first button on her sweater. “He gave the Navigator back and took the earring out.”

Jasmine leaned forward. “Did he have that dancer killed?”

“I seriously doubt that. Contrary to what everyone believes, Mayor Kwame is probably the best thing that’s happened to Detroit in along time. I voted for him because he wants to see his city grow and get back to the good ol’ days where everybody made money.”

“That’s cool. The good thing is that he’s young. He can bring some fresh things to you guys city,” Jasmine stated.

“Yeah, you guys had the Super Bowl. I know that was off the hook.”

“Gurl, it was parties everywhere. Celebrities were tripping over one another to have the biggest super bowl parties. They were crazy mad too. Diddy was charging something like five hundred a head to get into his joint.”

“Get out! He’s crazy!” Jody said with excitement.

“No joke. He wasn’t the only one though. Hugh Heifner, Jenna Jameson, Jerome Bettis, Kenye West, some of everybody was in the D.”

“That’s that jump off right there,” Chris inputted as she veered the car in direction of another short street.

The girls chatted freely until they drove up along a long lane filled with cars. The girls climbed out the vehicle once Chris parked near a fire hydrant and walked as a group up a hill until they saw the high flames crackling.

Jody screamed, making her presence known. “Damn, look at all these fools. Half of ‘em already looked drunk out they mind.”

“They probably are,” Chris added.

“Are you guys sure about this? I mean ain’t nobody gonna get in trouble for this?” Athena asked as she followed behind the girls.

“Nah. The most trouble we get into is too much loud music, but that’s about it.”

“Chris! Aye, Chris!” a male voice yelled.

“Ark! Who goes there?” she asked with her hand cupped around her ear. Athena searched the crowd and tried to find the voice who called out to her.

“Girl, there he is,” Jody volunteered. “Right there next to Cassie. Red shirt and no pants on.”

The girls laughed.

Athena covered her mouth. “Who is that?”

Jasmine stepped in. “That’s Chris’ old boyfriend. Used to be the star basketball player last year but he got kicked off the team during the last semester and put on academic probation.”

“Yeah, the big dummy was caught smoking Gan in the bathroom. Needless to say, he still has the hots for me after I fucked him over. The nigga didn’t have no bread and I’m a high maintenance chick. I didn’t really care for his sorry ass. He was just a trophy piece.”