The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dearest Sex Opera Fan

Dearest Sex Opera fans,

I feel I owe you an explanation as to why I haven’t posted any updated chapters since July 21, 2006. Well, unfortunately, being a parent of active children means that you have to make sacrifices that you don’t always agree with. First of all, let me say that yes I still write but on the faithful day of June 17, 2006 I was officially crowned a damn cheerleader coach and cheer coordinator, which means everything that has to do with cheerleading I had to learn, memorize, and implement among a Pop Warner Spirit Division. The team I’m overseeing is the Detroit Hurricanes and I swear to you these little heffas has sent me through one!

Before the start of the season, I lined up 20 coaches to be centered over 5 teams, which meant 4 coaches per squad. Right? Wrong! The broads didn’t even show up! I worked my ass off for 2 months recruiting and then they didn’t show up! I was pissed…So now I’ve been to mandatory coaches clinics, CPR clinics, First Aid classes, hosted parent orientations, received and made over 2,000 calls to parents, did uniform fittings, made over 1,000 copies of forms, maps, and instructional sheets, hunt down gymnasiums for tumbling and stunt practices, called countless uniform companies for package deal, listen to different authority figures, and completed paperwork, sent and received countless emails, and don’t forget…this is all volunteer!!!!

So now I’m juggling 6 coaches and that’s cool, but now it’s time to get ready for competitions…Lawwwwd! Y’all pray for me! I have practice Tuesday through Friday, from 5:30 to 8:00, where I have to monitor 3 teams, sometimes; I have to coach each one of the teams because my coaches may have other obligations they need to fulfill. Each day I have a different parent walking up and asking me questions about uniforms because their child hasn’t received theirs yet…oh let me back up. These are the same parents who haven’t finished paying their financial obligations for their cheerleading daughters! How the fuck you gonna question me about cheer uniforms and your ass ain’t finished paying the damn registration fee? Woman you don’t get shit until you’ve paid the damn bill!!!

Okay, let’s move on…now I can’t leave the field until the last cheerleader is picked up which sometimes isn’t until damn near 8:30 (and you know it’s dark outside at this point) because parents think I’m a babysitting service… I have to attend football games on Saturday and Sunday…in the morning and afternoon. Shit, I haven’t been able to get my hair done on a regular basis! WTF?!

So I guess you can figure why I don’t have time nor the energy to proofread the Sex Opera so that I can post it at night…I’m trying to work in a few minutes of my work day to proof it but the hard part is remembering to post it to the blogspot that evening because remember I can’t post at work because Big Brother is watching my internet activity!

So as you can see, my plate is pretty full and not to mention, I am one burnt out Mama! (Laughing) Well, local cheer competition for our teams is October 15th and I hate to sound so pessimistic but I hope these broads don’t go any further than locals because I’m about sick and tired of dedicated all my damn time to this activity, not to mention dealing with the different attitudes among the teenagers, the crying episodes of the toddlers, and the hardheaded antics of the pre-teens. This year I set out to get my books out in the circuit, so I leased office space this year to get my books and manuscripts published but so far I’ve been using the office space for this damn cheerleading shit!

Anybody wanna donate $20 to my worthy cause of a much needed vacation? Please feel free to email for information on my damn PayPal account…all loose change is accepted! If you got a jar of pennies you want to send me, let me know! I’ll take anything just to get me out of the state for a weekend of R & R…(relaxing and rubbing)