The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Friday, July 21, 2006

Chapter 4, part 4

“Of course I do. Come on in.”

Parker escorted the detectives inside and showed them a candid shot of Jaleesa that he kept in the kitchen utility drawer. The detectives looked at the picture and smiled before handing it back.

“Your wife looks in good shape. Is she a runner?”

“Yes she it. She prides herself in staying in shape.”

“It must have been nice having such a beautiful woman.”

“There were its perks. But I’m sure you detectives didn’t come all this way to ogle my wife, why are you here?”

“Wow! Look at those earrings. That must’ve sent you back a pretty penny.”

Parker didn’t respond.

“Listen, we have reason to believe that you’re wife might have been at the scene before the victim’s demise.”

“Well, being that they were an item, yes she was in the apartment, however, anything you find in his apartment would be circumstantial because she lived with him for a short period of time. Once he started showing he wasn’t of good character, my estranged wife left him and moved out. Simple as that.”

Detective Owens jotted down a few notes. “Well, I think we have enough here.” The detective reached inside his blazer and extracted a business card. “If you can think of anything that can be a help to us, please be sure to give me a call. My mobile number is on there.”

“I’ll be sure to do that,” Parker said as he accepted the card.

The detectives walked to their unmarked vehicle, climbed back inside the car and coasted to the curbside. Parker grabbed Tyler hoisted him on his shoulders and carried him into the house.

“We got to find this Miss Jaleesa Patterson and ask her a few questions,” Owens said before stepping off the porch. “I believe she may hold a key to this case.”


Jaleesa and Brad slept soundly in bed until she heard his cell phone chiming from the living room. She peeled open her eyes only to see Brad resting comforting on the pillow next to hers. She lifted his arm from her waist and gently placed it on the bed. He mumbled something in his sleep as she slid off the bed.

Still wet between her legs, she quietly stepped out the room and into the hallway. The chiming grew louder the closer she walked toward the sofa.

Jaleesa picked up his pants and his cell phone fell from the clip and landed on the floor. She leaned over to gather the phone when Brad grabbed her around the waist and slammed her to the sofa.

“Shit! You scared the hell outta me!” she said as he tickled the back of her neck with his heavy breathing.

“You thought you were going to get away from me that easy?”

“No I was coming to get your phone. It woke me from my sleep.”

“Oh baby, I’m sorry.”

Jaleesa handed him the phone. Brad flipped it open and read the number out loud. “Oh man, it’s brother.”

“You have a brother?”

“Yup. I have a twin.”

“A twin?”

“Yes, Thad. I’m the oldest by three minutes.”

“Identical twins? You mean there’s two of you walking around?”

Brad chuckled. “Yes, what’s so hard about that to believe?”

“Nothings hard about it, its just I can’t imagine there being two of you, that’s all.”

“Well, one day maybe we can all sit down and have dinner together.”

Jaleesa’s mind wasn’t thinking about food, maybe being eaten but definitely, not chefs and other attendants. “Ah. That would be nice.”

As Brad listened to his voicemail, Jaleesa looked over his toned body and wondered if his brother was blessed with the same endowment. Brad was massive for a white man and he knew what it took to please a woman. She quickly shook off the thought of having them both in her bed as she rolled off the sofa and went back into the bedroom where Brad followed closely behind.