The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chapter 4, part 3

Parker and Tyler played like two schoolboys in the backyard. Tyler threw sand careless in his sandbox. Parker played the part of a big monster chomping at his son’s neck to keep him laughing and giggling. Tyler clapped his hands and crawled about the white sand freely trying to escape his father’s mighty grip.

The roar of an engine sounded from the driveway. Parker stood and dusted his knees as he walked toward the concrete slab. Footsteps approaching his back gate made him think it was someone he knew until he stepped behind the gated fence and didn’t recognize the men that walked toward him.

“Excuse me, can I help you?”

“Yes, we’re here for a Parker Patterson?”

“I’m Parker and you are?”

“Were with Detroit’s Homicide division. I’m detective Stephens and this is my partner, Detective Owens. We’re here to ask you some questions.”

“Will this require my attorney to be present?”

“No. We just have a few questions.”

“Okay.” Parker folded his arms across his chest and waited.

“We’re investigating the death of Mark Joseph. I’m sure you know who were speaking of.”

“Yes, I heard about it on the news. What does that have to do with me?”

“Well, we noticed that his body was covered with bruising and contusions. In those markings we found your DNA, can you explain this?”

“Yes, we got into an altercation. He came to my house a couple of nights ago and we had a fight. After I beat the hell out of him, he left. Nothing more.”

“When did this fight allegedly take place?”

“There was no allegedly. It was around ten or so that night.”

“Did anyone witness this fight?”

“Yes, my neighbor Brie and her boyfriend. They’ll tell you how he came over here, in my yard, being disrespectful, pulled a gun on me and I defended myself.”

“Can you tell us what the fight was about?”

“He disrespected my home.”

“What do you mean?”

“I had reason to believe that he broke in my home.”

“I see. This altercation didn’t by chance have anything to do with your estranged wife, now would it?”

Parker remained calm by flinching his fingers in and out. “No. I mean, there was some animosity between us because of his link to my wife but that wasn’t what initiated the fight. The man broke in my house.”

“So you mean to tell me that a man who had been sleeping with your wife didn’t deserve a good ass kicking?”

“I’m not saying that. You are.”

“Where’s your wife, Mister Patterson?”

“Well, you said it before she’s estranged. Meaning that we’re separated soon to be divorced and I don’t know where she is.”

“Do you have a picture of your wife?”