The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Chapter 4, part 2

Frank gave Brie a bath. She never had a man bathe her before and she was quite upset that she waited so long for the royal treatment. Frank was the perfect gentleman. He took the time to disrobe her without yanking her out of her clothes; sent them down the laundry shoot while checking the temperature of the water. He lit candles all around the room, poured jasmine body oil in the sudsy water and had a pedicure kit waiting on the vanity complete with red nail polish.

As she soaked in a heavenly pool of hot water, the phone rang and snatched her out of her comfort zone. Frank ran from the room. Moments later he yelled if she wanted to accept the call.

“Who is it?” Brie asked with her eyes closed.

“It’s a Gertrude,” he answered.

Brie’s eyes opened as her stomach twisted, which forced her to sit up slightly and shake her head at Frank as he stood under the bathroom threshold with the phone pressed against his ear.

“Uhm, she’s in the shower right now. Can I get your number so she can call you back?” He asked as he left the room.

As he wrote down the information, Brie sat still wondering why Gertrude was calling after all these years. Gertrude was Brie’s sister-in-law. Gertrude was the high and mighty bitches that always thought Brie was beneath her brother’s standards. Being that she had a law degree and Brie was just a girl who got pregnant before she turned twenty-five, Gertrude accused Brie of trapping her baby brother into marriage. To a certain extent she was right because Brie felt Bruce has to accept his responsibilities. Gertrude, on the other hand, wrote Brie off before she knew anything about her.

Frank returned and took a seat next to the tub. “I put her number on the coffee table when you’re ready to give her a call.”

“Thanks.” Brie slipped further into the water, submerging her body deeper into the hot soapy pool.

“She didn’t sound very friendly. You want to tell me about her?”

“Gertrude is my ex husband’s sister. She’s a stuck bitch who thought I wasn’t good enough to be with her baby brother.”

“Ah. Protective sister.”

I shrugged. “If that’s what you want to call it.”

“I wonder why she’s calling you now. I’m sure she knows you two aren’t together anymore.”

“Yeah, she knows. So it remains to be seen what she wants.”

“Are you going to call her back?”

“Yes, after.”

“After what?” Frank smiled.

“After you finish bathing me and getting me back sticky again.”

“Whoahoa! Let’s hurry this along then!”

As he rubbed the oversized sponge against my legs and between my toes, I thought more about Gertrude and what she could possibly have to talk about after all these years.