The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Chapter 4, part 1

“That’s really not helping me much. As you see this guy was a regular ladies man. Trying to find the women he was with isn’t going to be an easy task. No one is going to come right and say I’ve been fucking a pimp.”

“Well, I can give you this much. I was able to gather some other DNA off the victim. He had skin under his nails that I’m still waiting for the results. Now notice here,” she pointed to the swollen area around his eye. “This man was in an altercation maybe shortly before he was assassinated. By looking at the impressions on his face, the knuckle circumference is equal to a man’s hand. Which would also explain the cracked ribs, bruised sternum, hair line fracture on the bridge of his nose, and multiply abrasions along the victim’s chin.”

Owens blew a short whistle. “Whewwww, somebody blew his shit out, huh? Guess he took his ass whooping like a man.”

“Yeah well, doesn’t look like he’s the one running around gloating about it either.”

As the ME pointed to the cuts and bruising along the ribcage, Owens noticed Greek lettering tattooed on the back of the hand. “Check this out,” he pointed to his hand. “Is this some type of fraternity insignia?”

“No. That would be branding and those usually placed on the shoulder or the side of the bicep. That tattoo looks more recent if you notice how the skin is still flaky from the healing process.”

“Yeah, I noticed that. If I can remember if think those are the letter JP.”

“Maybe it means something.”

“Maybe it does or it could be nothing. So what else you got for me?”

“I found this in the victim’s back pocket. Maybe it’s clue or one from his own collection, but I thought you’d be interested.”

She handed Owens an earring and he stared at for a few moment. His eyebrows raised and short smile erupted. “Linda, you’re an angel!” He kissed her on the forehead and sprinted away from the corpse. “I’ll talk to you later.”

“Sure thing,” she answered while covering the body with the linen.

Owens raced out the room and back to his desk where he saw his partner talking on his cell phone confirming a time. After he hung up the phone, he turned to Owens with a curious look.

“You remember that earring that was found at Mark’s apartment?”

“Yeah, that big ass 3 carat stone?”

“Well, look what the ME found in the victim’s back pocket?” He held the baggie in the air.

“The match?”

“If it’s not it’s very close to being identical. I bet you if we find the woman who lost this earring she could tell us something about this case that could blow this case wide open.”

“What is this Cinderella? Do you expect us to go around asking women if they lost an earring? That would be stupid. Women lose earrings every day.”

“Yeah, but not many women can afford this earring.”