The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Friday, July 14, 2006

Chapter 3, part 5

Owens stepped into the morgue hoping that his long time friend, Linda, the medical examiner, would have some good news for him. He whistled as he approached so that he wouldn’t scare her inadvertently. Even though she was used to working with cadavers, no one likes to be walked up on and not hear them approach.

Linda looked up from her paperwork and pulled her glasses down to the bridge of her nose. “Hey Owens, how’s it going?” she asked after she placed her pencil down.

“Things could be better Linda, wha’cha got for me?” Owens asked as he tucked his hands in his pockets.

“Several things actually. Come with me.” Linda pushed back from her desk and rose slowly from her chair. Owens followed closely behind where she led him into a cold room that smelled of strong chemicals.

Linda walked toward a chrome gurney that was occupied by a sheet-covered corpse. She snatched back the fabric, exposing the stiff remains of Jaleesa’s dead ex boyfriend. “Well as you can see, I had a bit of fun with this gentleman.” She reached for a pair of latex gloves from a nearby roll about. As she slipped on a pair she said, “Well, for starters, I did some tests on his blood, which tested positive of cocaine and marijuana.”

“Hmm-mmm.” Owens hummed, stepping to the opposite side of the corpse to face her as she spoke. “Were you able to get anything from the slugs expelled from the body?”

“The bullets came from a nine-millimeter automatic. Residue indicates that he was shot at very close range, less than twenty feet. There were no prints however, there are letters “WP” engraved on the head of the bullets.” She handed Frank one of the bullets from a clear plastic bag.”

“Hummph,” Owens said as he looked over the dismantled metal.

“Also, the victim had recently had sex with more than one partner because I was able to lift three different DNA samples from his penis, pubic area, and oral cavity.”

“Okay. Did any of those samples match with the under garments that were brought in?”

“Yes, they all matched. Now with the bedding, the sample wasn’t one of the three women.”


“Yes. There were traces of hair samples that I was also able to get from the sample, and again they did not match with the other three. So you have yourself at least four women who were in this apartment.”