The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Chapter 3, part 3

During the walk, Chris gave Athena a lot of information regarding the campus grounds; who were the cool instructors and who were the worst. Chris being a senior helped with a lot of questions that Athena had in regards to the everyday happenings of Howard University.

Upon approaching her apartment, Chris kept checking out the surrounding elements. “You live here?” She asked with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah,” Athena answered nonchalantly as she searched for her keys in her purse.

“Oh I can’t wait to see this. I know many students who tried to get in here but never could.”

Athena shrugged. “I guess I got lucky.”

“Lucky my ass, you’re family must got long money?” Chris asked as they stepped to the access gate.

“Nah, I’m as broke as the next person,” Athena answered without looking up.

“Bullshit. If you’re living in here you got some bread.”

Athena punched in her code and the gate buzzed. She pulled the irongate toward her and Chris followed closely behind. They ventured into the building where they took the elevator to the second floor.

“Damn it even smells good in this apartment, nothing like the smelly hallways I’m used to,” Chris said.

“I think somebody in this building is a chef because I’m always smelling kind of pasta brewing.” Athena opened her door and tossed her keys to the counter.

“Daaaayum! This place is huge. Girl, you walk in my dorm and you’d trip over the window.”

Athena laughed. “It couldn’t be that bad.”

“Did I mention I have a triflin’ roommate too?”

They both laughed. “You want something to drink?” Athena offered as she stepped into the kitchen to wash her hands.

“Sure. Whatever you got is cool,” Chris said before she walked into the under furnished living room. “So when are you going to get yourself a ratty sofa and chair in here?”

Athena grabbed a plastic cup from the cabinet and sat it on the counter. “I’m hoping I can get a chance to go this weekend. I’ve grown a bit tired of the bareness myself.”

“You sleeping on the floor?”

“Sorta. I have a mattress and pillow.”

“Oh then you’re cool. Make sure you get yourself a desk hutch and then you’re good to go.”

Athena walked back in the room and handed Chris her cup of sugar free punch. Chris accepted it and took a quick sip and stepped to the window. “You got a great view of the campus from here.”

“Yeah, that is the cool part of this place. I can see everything.”

“Yeah, that’s tight. By the way, what’s you’re major?”

Athena folded her arms across her chest and shrugged. “I don’t know yet.”

“Well, you got plenty of time to figure it out. Just stick with your core courses right now and then wean into your choice of study later. But in the meantime,” Chris took a sip from her cup, snapped her fingers and finished, “make sure you party until you drop, have plenty of protected sex and enjoy the fact that your folks are no where around to get on your fuckin’ nerves with all that damn nagging.”

Athena laughed. “You’re wild as hell. What makes you think I came here to party and get laid?”

“None of us planned to come here and fuck like wild rabbits but that’s what goes on in college. Seeing all these fine ass brothers walking around half dressed and shit can send a sister into a sexual seizure if she’s not getting any. I know I must’ve burned a hole in about a dozen pairs of panties when I first got on campus. Gurl, it was dick swagging every witcha way in this piece. I can’t tell you how long it took for me to get me a piece.”

“Is this before or after you burned a hole in your drawers?” Athena asked sarcastically.

“Gurl, don’t play. You’ll see what I’m talking about once you see what Howard has to offer. Shit, you think Hasaan was fine? Athena, you ain’t seen shit yet. Hasaan is just the quarterback. You gotta see the tight end, the running back and the wide receiver.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Baby, them niggas get some fat, round ass and dick that came from an African Zulu king.”

“You’ve been with them?”

“Nope. I wish.”

“Then how do you know what they packing?”

“Because I’ve been to a few of they so-called study parties and them niggas walk around butt ass naked fucking whoever had they legs open. So my advice to you is, if you gonna be fucking around just make sure your careful at all times. Niggas are scrubby and will try whatever they can to get some freshman pussy.”

“Well, I think I’m okay in that department. I already have my eyes on someone.”

“Who Hasaan?”

“Nah. I’m not into the jock types. I have a man back in Detroit.”

“Gurl, he don’t know what you doing out here. Get your freak on. Shit its like Vegas in DC. What goes on at Howard stays at Howard. But when it comes to the studies, we’re all business and we put it down on paper.” Chris finished the last of her drink and handed Athena the cup. “Hey, you comin’ to the bombfire?”

Athena shrugged. “I dunno.”

“Gurl, you gotta loosen up. Classes don’t start for a couple of days, you got time to get a little fun in before you join the convent.”

“All right. Damn, you are persistent.”

“A black woman shouldn’t take no for an answer from anyone. Remember that.”

Athena nodded. “Okay whatever.”

“Like I said before it’s a lot of fine muthafuckas on this campus so you betta put on your sexy shit because you’ll never know who might be out there for you. Hasaan might be there.” Chris nudged her in the ribs.

“Would you cut it out about Hasaan already?” Athena snapped before she went back into the kitchen.