The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chapter 3, part 2

Jaleesa sat on the sofa sipping on her cup of tea with Brad’s arm draped over her shoulder. The quietness between them was nice but unwanted. She thought more and more of her sister and tried to keep her tears at a bare minimum, however, the very thought of Mark walking up to her sibling and shooting her at point blank range brought her sorrow back to the surface.

She outburst into tears causing Brad to hold her in a tight embrace. She wrapped her arms around his neck and shoulder and cried as until her face hurt. Brad’s chest heaved against hers as her salty drops of sorrow soiled his shirt. Without realizing, she slid closer to him where her breasts was pressed snuggly against his. Sexual heats traveled up her back, down her arms, and pass her thighs. She shifted slightly to keep from sitting too close to Brad but with his arms still draped around her there was no budging.

His citrus scent was intoxicating just about as much as the silkiness of his skin against her lips. Jaleesa pressed her mouth against his neck in an innocent manner, which she hoped Brad didn’t detect. This man had her nose open to a degree that she couldn’t remember her own name let alone his.

She rubbed the back of Brad’s head and coiled the fine hair along his neckline. With the tips of her fingers she stroked his soft skin as she pulled away.

“Are you okay?” he asked with caring eyes.

Jaleesa gazed into his cobalt eyes and then suddenly pressed her lips against his. With womanly force she pushed her tongue between his lips where he accepted her loving gesture by stroking his tongue against hers. As they tasted one another Jaleesa felt her fire soaring from within. Her hands became rough as she grabbed a fist of his hair and yanked his head backward. She glided her tongue along his Adam’s apple, along the muscular crease at his pec and along the bare skin near his earlobe.

Abruptly, Brad pulled away and held her face for a brief moment, adoring her beauty and soon let one hand guide its way down to her neckline until he reached to supple crease of cleavage that sat plump before him. With his finger nestled between the sultry delicate mounds of flesh, Brad looked intently at Jaleesa’s full lips that were slightly parted and moist from their kiss. He leaned forward, allowing his hand slid around the back of her neck.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked while look into her wanting eyes.

Jaleesa licked her lips and nodded, granting Brad permission to take her where she needed to be. With grace, he slowly pulled her to him where they pressed their lips against one another with great force. Jaleesa reached underneath his arms and snatched open his shirt, sending the buttons flying in different directions.

With her hands roaming freely against his skin, Brad scooped Jaleesa into his arms and carried her away from the sofa and down the hall to the spare bedroom. He tossed her onto the bed where she quickly disrobed and threw her clothing to the floor. Before Brad was out of his pants, Jaleesa laid starch naked with her legs spread eagle as she fondled her breasts until her nipples stood as erect as his penis.

Brad climbed over her like a panther sizing his prey followed by covering her mouth with his own. After tasting her honey-sweetened tongue, he released her mouth and traveled to her neck, then her chest bone, and found his way to her breasts where he engulfed both nipples like a starved infant.

Jaleesa hissed as the heat from his mouth that sent her hormones into a cabaret of confusion. He stroked her skin with his free hand and scooped her body closer to his. His dick throbbed against her stomach as his hairy orbs bounced against her bald vaginal lips. Brad dragged her body up closer to the headboard, where Jaleesa grabbed onto the iron wrought coils.

Without feeling his way to discover her entryway, Brad hutched his back and slid his hardened cock inside her tight cavity. Jaleesa arched her back as she accepted his wand into her sizzling love tunnel. Brad pushed deep inside her until his length had exceeded it limit. Jaleesa wrapped her arms around his waist and dug her fingernails into his flesh, which didn’t slow his stroke.

Jaleesa enjoyed how his dick massaged her walls as if he was painting the interior of an industrial building: Long, steadfast strokes. Just want she needed to take her mind off her sister. Brad rotated his hips with Jaleesa holding on to his waist, which soon led to her cupping the rounds of his ass to pull him more in depth of her womanhood.

Abruptly, he pulled out, turned her onto her stomach, and opened her cheeks with his palms. He entered her from behind causing Jaleesa to arch catlike join rhythm with Brad. The way his balls felt slapping against her saturated lips was divine. She raised her ass upward and backed into him as he held onto her hips, spreading her more.

Brad leaned over, resting his muscular chest on her back and he shoved himself deeper than she ever experienced. His thrusts became more intense as the warming sensation surfaced within her womanhood. She slowed her pace as he continually tapped her G-spot with his mushroom crown.

“Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhhhhhh,” she cried.

Brad wasn’t far behind with his heavy groans. After Jaleesa coated his wand with her love potion, his body couldn’t withstand it any longer. He pushed deep five more times before pulling away from her hoisted body, expelling his semen onto her comforter. Panting uncontrollably, he plopped onto the bed next to Jaleesa to gather his breath.

“That was…that was incredible,” he managed to say with heavy breathing.

Jaleesa leaned over and kissed his chest before she spooned him and draped her leg across his. “Yes it was,” she said in return, wiping his sweat-covered brow. “How long before we can do it again?”