The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Chapter 3, part 1

Sitting in the kitchen over a hot cup of coffee and his second bagel while reading the newspaper, the chirping birds had reminded Parker that he was no longer on his short-lived vacation. It was now time for his baby bird to come to the nest. After washing down the last bite of his round breakfast, Parker stepped out the kitchen and into the living room where he found the cordless phone where he last left it. He dialed Miss Ruggs number and she answered right away.

“Welcome back, Mister Parker! Did you get Athena squared away okay?”

“Yes, she’s fine, but now I realize that I’m missing my son. He didn’t give you any trouble did he?” Parker asked.

“Not once. He’s an angel but he is growing restless. What time do you want to come by?”

“Is an hour okay?”

“That’s just fine. I’ve already given him a bath so he’ll be ready when you get here.”

“Thanks, Miss Ruggs, you’re a gem.”

“You’re welcome, sugar, and I’ll see you when you get here.”

Parker hung up the phone and tossed it onto the sofa. He went to the coat closet and grabbed his designer jacket and draped it over his arm.

“Before I go to Miss Ruggs, I’m going to stop at the store to pick up some cereal and juice.”

During his long drive along Jefferson Avenue, he watched the joggers and dog walkers as they enjoyed their last few days of warmth. Soon the winter months were closing in, and living in Michigan one ever knew when the snow would come.

As Parker pulled into the grocery store parking lot, he noticed a woman having trouble with a row of shopping carts. She pulled and tugged at two cart handles trying to get the carts to break free from one another. Like a gentleman, Parker went over to help the woman by pulling the second cart in the opposite direction she was pushing and managed to get the two carts apart.

“Oh thank you so much. There weren’t anymore in the store and I’ve been out here wrestling with these two for the longest.”

“Not a prob.”

The once flustered woman smiled and swiveled her cart toward the automatic doors. Parker checked out her petite frame and long brunette hair. She had a cute little sway to her hips, which made his eyes drop down to her thighs that he could see their form through her pants. He guessed she was a runner by the way her thighs were rounded against her leggings and by the size of her hidden calves.

His left eyebrow rose in intrigue as he pushed a cart toward the store. “Interesting,” he said to himself as he watched her stroll toward the fruit and vegetable section.

At the checkout, all ten lanes were lined with suburbanites waiting impatiently to pay for their groceries. Not in the mood to wait an hour to pay for three items, Parker opted for the U-Scan lanes where he saw one available checkout. Just as he traveled to the automatic machine, he was rudely cut off.

“Excuse me, I was on my way there,” he said harshly.

The woman turned around, “Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t see you.”

It was the woman with the round thighs. Parker attitude shifted. “Hey, ladies first,” he said as he waved her pass.

She shook her head and raised her hand. “No, don’t be silly you go ahead.”

“Lady, no offense but would you please go ahead. I’m not that petty.”

She shrugged and started unloading her cart. “Thanks again.”

“No prob.”

After Parker paid for his three items, he carried his bags out to his car where he disengaged the alarm and sat his bag on the backseat. Before he slid the key in his ignition he put his foot on the brake where he shifted into reverse. He checked his blind spot when suddenly there was a soft tap on his driver’s window. He turned as looked into the darkest brown eyes he had ever seen.

He powered down the window. “Yeah.”

“I feel terrible about that in there.” She reached inside her purse and extracted a card and handed it to him. “I would really like to make it up to you, if you’d let me.”

“That’s totally unnecessary.”

“Please, it would be my pleasure,” she said with a smile and warm eyes.

Picking up on her obvious flirtation, Parker accepted the card and put it in the cup holder. “Since you put it that way. When’s a good time to call?”

“How about tomorrow after eight? I can make you dinner.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what is your nationality?”

“I’m of Dominican Republic decent.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“You’ll call me no?”

“I’ll definitely call tomorrow after eight.”

The woman smiled, flashing her straight teeth. Parker returned the gesture, read the name on the card, and continued backing out of the parking space.