The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Recap from Season 1

Parker pulled into his driveway. “Thank God I’m home and Tyler is with Miss Ruggs. I don’t think I have the strength to hold him right now.”

He shut off the ignition and rested his head on the headrest for a brief moment. He stared at the ceiling and began counting. “On ten get out the car, Park,” he chanted. He pulled the door handle.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. He swung his legs out and sluggishly stood from the vehicle. He slammed the door and activated the alarm. As he stepped to the lawn, he heard another car door slam. He thought nothing of it, probably the neighbor just making their way home.

“Aye my man!” the male voice yelled.

Parker searched through his key ring for the front door access key. He turned around and saw the guy walking in his direction. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, you can. I’m looking for Jaleesa Patterson. You some kin to her?”

“Who wants to know?” Parker squinted to get a clearer view of his face. Instantly, his eyebrows concaved toward his nose.

“Don’t fucking worry about who the fuck wants to know. That bitch owes me a lot of money and I’m here to collect. From my understanding you’re the sorry muthafucka I stole her from.” He stepped from the curbside onto the concrete slab that led to Parker’s home.

“Nigga, you got a lot of damn nerve walking up on me like I owe you something.” Parker clenched his hands into deadly weapons. “So why did you ask if I knew Jaleesa if you already knew who the hell I was?”

Mark’s pace increased. “I wanted to see if you were gonna be a punk and give me some lame ass answer.” He waved his hand vigorously as he continued stepping across the lawn. “Anyway, fuck all that. Where’s Jaleesa?”

Parker stood strong and shoved his keys in his pocket. “I haven’t seen Jaleesa since I saw her sucking your dick.”

“Oh, you saw that? Whacha think? The bitch has mad head skills, but I bet you already know that, huh?”

“Sorry, I didn’t have the luxury of getting that while we were married.”

“Damn, that’s fucked up. You were missing out big time. The shit that broad does with her tongue and lips are remarkable. Come to think about it, I’ve kinda missed that about her. Especially the way she grabbed my balls and sucked…”

Without waiting another moment, Parker launched the first blow to Mark’s jaw, sending him stumbling backward. Mark regained his stance and lunged his fist at Parker, missing by inches. Parker ducked and threw an uppercut to his chin, causing him to bite his tongue. Blood spew from his mouth as he tried to throw another blow. Parker dodged his left-handed attempt and threw two jabs to his middle section, causing Mark to heave over in pain.

Parker grabbed a fist of his dreadlocks and held his head low where he rammed his knee into his face. The crackle of bone shattering gave Parker a reason to continue his abuse. He pulled him again by his hair and dragged him across the lawn, slamming his face into the truck on his pine tree. A loud groan came from Mark as Parker increased the tension he had of his fisted hair.

Footsteps paddled across the lawn. Frank ran in behind Parker. “Are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” Parker said as he shoved Mark into the tree against, this time his shoulder collided with the base of the tree.

Mark screamed out in extreme pain and belted over and stumbled sideways. “I’m guessing you just dislocated his shoulder,” Frank said in a condescending manner.

“You punk ass muthafucka! You ain’t about to get the best of me,” Mark said with blood flowing from his mouth.

Frank stared at the bleeding man in disbelief. “Oh, I don’t believe this.”

Parker turned to him breathing heavy, shaking his pain stricken knuckles. “What?”

“That man broke in your house yesterday. I tried to chase him down, but he bolted away in his car before I could lay a hand on him. And here he is standing in front of your house getting his ass whooped. How ironic?” Frank chuckled under his breath and covered his mouth with the back of his hand.

Mark staggered to gain his balance. “Yeah, that’s right. I broke in your shit. I was looking for my bitch. It’s a good think I didn’t find her ass neither because I would’ve fucked that pretty bitch on your bed.”

Parker’s nostrils flared as he stormed toward the showboating wounded man. Mark swung out his arm and connected with Parker’s chin, sending him faltering sideways. Frank backed out of the way and made his way over to Brie’s house.

Parker quickly regained his composure and drove his shoulder into Mark’s stomach as Mark landed punches to his ribcage. Parker stood erect, forcing the top of his head into his opponent’s chin. Mark’s arms flew out wildly as if he was about to take flight upward. As he bowed over, Parker forced his knee against his face once again, forcing Mark onto his back in agony. Mark held his nose as he wallowed in pain. By the way he clenched his face, Parker could tell that his nose was broken.

Mark reached behind his back. Frank and Brie came running out the house in a panic.

“Oh my God! He’s got a gun!” Brie yelled.

Frank bolted toward Mark as he held the gun directly at Parker. “Fuck you, Parker!” Mark’s finger curled around the small metal piece as he pulled the trigger back.