The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oops...I forgot the Prologue!

The Prologue

Brie stood dumbfounded as she pulled her housecoat closed. “I don’t understand why you guys are here, Detective.”

“Well, apparently, your husband’s family states they have been looking for him for some time and they found it suspicious that you two parted and they never heard from again,” the detective explained with a stern expression.

“I don’t know what else to say, Detective. I like I told them before, after he left me I never heard from him again. He didn’t call, or even write a letter to his daughter. I assumed he had another family someplace else and didn’t want to be found.”

The detective jotted something on his scratch pad. “We may need to you to come to the precinct for some questioning just to set the record straight ma’am. Just procedure.”

Brie shrugged. “That’s fine. Whenever.”

“We’ll be in contact.”

“I’m sure you will,” she said before closing her door.

Brie leaned against the door and wished her heart rate to slow. “Why are they opening up this old wound? The Negro is dead and gone. Why won’t they leave well enough alone?” she said under her breath.

“Brie, who was at the door?” Frank called from upstairs.

After their passionate love making from the night before, Brie was surprised he would be awake this early.

“Ah, nobody, baby. Go back to bed, I’m going to start on breakfast.” She said as she dead bolted the door. Her unborn baby had awakened and was starting to stretch inside her womb. Brie caressed her midsection as she walked to the kitchen. “All right. All right. Breakfast is coming for you too.”


Jaleesa held onto the gasoline nozzle and whistled along with the jazzy instrumental playing from her car radio. Not paying attention, the fuel squirted onto her leather glove.

“Shit!” she said as she released the nozzle. She bent over to remove the handle and slipped it back on the pump holder.

Jaleesa climbed back inside her car and grabbed her cell phone from the cup holder. She dialed Brad’s number and waited for him to answer. It was time that she ended her marriage once and for all. Hopefully, Brad knew a good divorce attorney that wouldn’t make her permanent separation from Parker a smooth transition.


As Jaleesa dipped into her car, a white moving truck pulled along side her vehicle at the diesel pump, shielding Evan’s view of her from across the lot.

“Fuck!” he said as he lowered his gun that was pointed at her head. “Lucky bitch!” he put the safety back on and then reached over and put the gun back into the glove compartment. “Next time, pretty bitch, next time,” he mumbled as he shifted his car into drive.


Parker tossed and turned in his sleep after the throbbing pain in his knuckles subsided. After the fight with Mark, Parker paced the floor wondering why Jaleesa had yet to return his urgent message. He didn’t want to overload her voicemail with repeat messages so the only thing he could do was wait. In the meantime, his body was dead tired and without so much as a shower, he carried himself to bed where he let his body fall onto the goose-down comforter.

“She’s going to be okay,” he told himself as he drifted into a solemn state of solitude.

As his body transcended he thought back to Athena. He pondered how she was going to handle the college life now that she was away from everyone she’d known her whole life. He knew she was excited to be out from under her mother’s overbearing wings, but would she accept the different challenges that college life brings? Only time would tell and he was interested in hearing how she was doing.


Rico traced his fingers along the clear packages of dope. “Damn, I can’t believe that woman outsmarted Mark like that. Here she walked up in his shit and took him out like an unwanted cockroach. It’s a good thing she did too. It had to be done either way you look at it,” Rico said as he stared at his nearly acquired kilos of cocaine and pounds of marijuana, thanks to Jaleesa and her wit. “Paying her that money was a pleasure for getting rid of my competition. Shame though, I liked seeing her. Hopefully, I can hook up with her later for an unrelated occasion.” He thought as he reached in his desk drawer and extracted a small calculator to add the amount of profit he stood to make from his newfound wealth.


The detectives canvassed the room in hopes of finding any clues that would point them to person who was responsible for committing such a heinous crime. Detective Owens, the lead officer, sat on the sofa wearing a pair of latex gloves staring at the blood splattered pattern on the leather loveseat.

“You see, by the way the blood is spewed across the sofa and table, it appears this was a point blank hit. The blood doesn’t cover much area so I’m giving the shooter maybe a couple feet distance.”

“Well, there wasn’t any residue on the victim so he had to be standing before him before the shots were fired,” Detective Stephens responded as he jotted down a few notes in his notepad.

Stephens crotched down and stared at the floor. “Wait a minute. I think I have something here.”

“Wha’cha got?” Owens asked while still looking over the sofa.

“It looks like an earring of some sort.”

“You sure it’s an earring?”

“I’m not for certain, but I’ll bet you a beer that it’s some type of jewel that is worth taking to the lab to lift some DNA.”

Owens scooped the silver piece of jewelry into a clear plastic bag and slipped it into his pocket. He strolled into the bedroom where he noticed the bed was in disarray. “Looks like someone was having a bit of fun in here,” he committed under his breath.

He pulled back the comforter with the top of his pen and noticed splatter patterns. He whistled for one of the forensics techs. Within a few moments, one of the technicians stepped into the room.

“I need you to get lift samples from the sheets,” Owens directed before his eyes caught glimpse of a satin material beneath the bed skirt. “While you’re at it.” He scoped the brim of the underwear onto his pen top. “See what you can get from these as well.”

“Sure thing.”

Owens glanced around the room to see if there was anything that stood out from the ordinary. He leaned over and checked the alarm clock and noticed the safe beneath the end table. He pushed the door open. “Well, well. What do we have here?” There were money bands on the floor of the safe as well as a powdery residue on the iron door.

“Owens, I’m going to check with the leasing office to see if there was any other name on the lease,” Detective Stephens yelled from the living room.

With his eyes still affixed on the white substance, Owens answered, “Good idea. I’m going to stick around here for a minute.”