The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Friday, June 30, 2006

Chapter 2, part 6

“Sue, tell my found out something from all those bags of evidence,” Detective Owens said into the phone as he stared at the earring he twirled between his fingers that was found at the crime scene.

“Well, you may want to come down to my office so I can go over my discoveries with you. You’ll find them quite interesting.”

“Great. You’re ‘quite interesting’ are always interesting. I’ll be there in a jiff,” Owens said as he placed the phone on the receiver and slipped the earring in his shirt pocket before jumping up from his uncomfortable chair.


When Brie returned home, carrying nothing but her tired body under the threshold, Frank greeted her at the door with worry lines etched across his forehead and outstretched arms. His indented eyebrows were soft but intentional as he helped Brie into the house.

“What took you so long?” He asked before scooping her into his arms and carrying her into the living room.

“I had to drive back, Frank. Calm down, I’m fine. I don’t need you fussing over me,” she answered swatting at his burly arms.

Frank gently put Brie on the sofa and then sat next to her ankles. “Are you sure you don’t want to go to the doctor?” He placed his hand over her forehead, checking her temperature.

“I’m fine baby. Stop your worrying,” she said, pushing his hand away.

Frank crawled onto the floor and rubbed along the fullness of her midsection. Then he rested his head on her forearm and continued massaging. Brie never felt so adored.

“I just don’t want you getting yourself worked up and something happens to you or the baby.”

Brie moved her arm out from under him and stroked the top of his head. The smooth baldness was causing her to get excited. His warm hands upon her tight, stretched skin was working her over as if it was the first time he ever touched her in a loving manner.

“Frank, can you get the shea butter and massage my tummy please?”

Frank looked into her deep brown eyes and smiled. “Sure,” he answered before standing.

As he walked away, Brie took it upon herself to unbutton her oversized blouse followed by pushing the elastic band of her pants under her stomach to expose all of her taut skin.

Frank returned shaking the small bottle vigorously. “Ready?”

Brie nodded as he sat next to her hip and squeezed a small amount of cream onto the middle of her plump abdomen. The cool butter sent chills up her arms but was soon smoothed away by Frank’s hot palms.

With small circular motions, Frank worked the butter into her skin as hummed a Brian McKnight tune. Brie tucked one hand behind her head and smiled as she watched her man tend to her itchy flesh with such care. His fingers oozed the cream around her navel and then under the area she could no longer see. As if he knew what she wanted, his motions moved upward as he leaned over and kissed her moistened skin. Then he smoothed his face along Brie’s velvety flesh, testing her softness, as his hands traveled up toward her oversized melons.

With the pregnancy stretching out her body, Brie had taken on a whole new appearance. Her breasts doubled in size and her nipples were extremely responsive to the touch. Just the mere grazing of a bra caused them to swivel to rigid thimbles. Her full face looked angelic with her rosy cheeks and dimpled chin. Her neck had darkened in tone as if she had tan in that one specific area. Frank dared not mention the increased size of her nose because he knew that wouldn’t sit well with Brie’s self image.

With his teeth, Frank pulled down her pants and nuzzled his nose in her pubic area. His tongue traveled inside the untamed fur that he loved. Every inch of his tongue canvassed her curly hairs as he pinched her nipples. Brie’s areolas wrinkled to the size of prunes as he kneaded her teased skin while slithered his pink muscle along her slippery folds.

Brie could feel her juices dripping onto her panties as his digits journeyed along her body’s expanded curves. She wiggled her hips, purposely lowering her pants and undies with each scoot. Frank slid his hands down her sides and lifted her hips upward, where he took his time and pulled the waistbands to her knees and then her ankles. As if Frank was a perverted examining physician, he pushed her knees apart and slowly glided his hands along the insides of her thighs. Brie couldn’t stop her legs from quivering at his manipulating gropes as she soon felt the tip of his fingers directing their way inside the slick area between her legs.

“I don’t know what it is about you being pregnant, but you are sexier than you were before,” Frank whispered before dropping his face between her legs. Brie could hear him sniffing her before he extended his tongue onto her hot flesh. “You’re so wet. It’s like this pussy has been marinating for me.”

Brie wiggled her hips in a silly fashion and giggled as Frank continued to sniff her body. “And it smell so fuckin’ sweet too. What you got candy growing in there?”

Hot shit! Say that daddy-o! Bring it on to Mama! Brie thought as she allowed her legs to relax and accept his loving.

He played between flaps for what seemed like months. Stirring his fingers in the opening of her pussy was causing her body to react in the best possible way. As her honey dripped from her pulsating opening, Frank took his time licking it away and tantalizing her even more by circling his tongue along the outskirts of her vagina enjoying every drop of her being. The warmth of his tongue and breath were sending Brie over the edge to the point she wanted every inch of him inside of her in the worst way.

Frank heard her mental plea as he drove his tongue into her syrupy walls and salivated what she had to offer him. The sweet nectar of her pussy was all over his face, chin, and nose as he pushed his tongue so far inside of her that she thought she was going to give birth to his head. Brie placed her hands on top his baldhead where she stroked his clean-shaven skin the same way he stroked her soppy vagina with his tongue.

“Oooooh, shhhhhhit! Frank, baby don’t stop! Pleeeeease don’t stop,” she begged as her knees fell further apart. A blissful tremble resonated within Brie’s womanhood causing her to become impatient.

Brie bit down on her lip, fidgeted, and squinted her eyes tightly as she pulled at his ears. “Frank, baby please.”

“What do you want?” he whispered between breaths.

“Give it to me.”

“What do you want me to give you?”

“I want you to give me some of that black warrior dick! Please. I’m begging.”

Without removing his face, Frank wrestled with his pants and the next thing she felt was his hardened penis stretching her flesh to the hilt. The pain was so good that her body could no longer fight the urge of pleasure. She arched her back slightly as the quivers turned to vibrations, which soon led to her body squirting her hot lava onto his Mandingo. Brie screamed and moaned with pleasure while holding onto the sides of the sofa with tight grasps until her body relaxed back onto the comfortable cushions beneath her. Eventually her fingers loosened from the sofa as her loins released the tense reign from his member.

“Is that what you wanted baby? Is that the dick you wanted?” he asked in a low muffled groan as he slowed his thrusts.

“Hell yes. Yes, baby, yesssss.” She answered as she pumped against him. There was no way she was going to let him climb off of her without giving his cum to her.

It wasn’t much longer before Frank’s body shivered as he poured a substantial amount of semen inside her womb. Sweat trickled down his forehead as he huffed and moaned as his cock released all the warm juice from his deflating brown rod.

Carefully, Frank lay against her body; his sweat blending with hers. He kissed Brie’s navel and rubbed her lower back with his sticky fingers. “I love you, Brie,” he said between breaths.

“I love you more, Frank,” she whispered as she stroked his resting head.