The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Chapter 2, part 3

Brie’s cell phone vibrated on my hip, startling her as she made her way back through Parker’s backyard.

“Fuck! I know that’s Frank. What the hell didn’t I hear before I got back home?” She opened the phone and rejected the call. Brie carefully stepped over toys and moved as quickly as she could to the car. “What did they say to Frank? God, I hope they say anything that’ll set him off.” She tripped over a plastic wagon and cursed herself for stubbing her big toe. “Shhhit! Why does Parker boy have all these damn toys? He’s barely walking.”

Her phone vibrated again. She checked the number and sighed. “I’m sorry, baby, I’ll call you from the store.”

After thirteen attempted calls, Brie parked in the expectant mother’s spot and made her way through the Target entryway. She waddled between racks of maternity clothes when her phone vibrated for the fourteenth time this time forcing her to flip it open and answer.

“Brie, why didn’t you answer your phone?”

“I’m sorry you know how much I love your sound system in your car. I didn’t hear it ringing. Whassup?”

“I thought I should tell you that a couple of detectives came over here fishing around for some answers about your husband.”

Brie shifted through the hung clothing as if she didn’t have a care in the world. “What?”

“Yeah, two white detectives pulled up just about the time you left and was asking about your whereabouts. Of course, I gave them no clues but they’ll be coming back. I can assure you that.”

Heat singed her ears and instantly her heart raced, which caused her hands to tremble. Even though she heard the meat of the heated discussion between Frank and the detectives she couldn’t keep her emotions under wrap. Brie held onto the silver rake, glancing around the floor for any passersby, and steadied herself for what else Frank had to say. “Wh-What did they say?”

“They were asking was I your husband and if I were expecting you to return anytime soon.”

A woman and her young daughter stepped in the clothing department and shifted through the full figured clothing. Brie turned away from the two and covered one hand over her mouth.

“Oh Jesus,” she mumbled and looked around the store to make sure no one was else hiding behind clothes. “It’s probably nothing,” she stated.

“Are you sure about that? They didn’t look like it was nothing. What is this about your husband? Didn’t you tell me that he left you?”

Brie rolled her eyes upward and took a deep breath while continually paying attention to her surroundings. “Yes I did,” she muffled into the phone.

“And you haven’t heard anything else from him?”

“Nope. That slimy sonofabitch left me bone dry with bills and Athena and the air in my lungs. I don’t have a clue as to why his family thinks something happened to him.”

“What makes you think it’s his family that asking about him? Do you know more than what you’re telling me?”

“Oh shit! Not you too Frank. I can’t deal with this right now. Not now,” she thought when suddenly, the pain in her stomach resonated. “Ah…ohhh…” Brie groaned as she clutched her midsection and hurled over a bit.

“Brie? Brie!”

“Ahhh…mmph…” She sucked in some air and counted to ten wishing the ache to fade.

“Brie! Are you all right? Is it that pain again?”