The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Monday, June 19, 2006

Chapter 2, part 1

“Frank, I’m on my way to Target, do you need anything while I’m out?” Brie yelled from the landing of the staircase, struggling to put on her coat. Ever since her stomach started expanding everything was a darn wrestling match.

“No, I’m okay,” Frank muffled from the bathroom.

He was busy brushing his teeth when Brie left from atop the stairs. She loved Frank to pieces but she yet to figure out how many teeth he had because he could brush them for an hour straight. She guessed he never had to worry about cavities.

“Okay, I’ll be back in about an hour.” She grabbed her keys and tugged on the belt of her wool jacket. With the fall season vastly approaching she noticed that she was getting colder a lot faster than normal. She chopped it up as the baby taking all her nutrients. She made a mental note to see her doctor to verify if she needed to up the ante on her prenatal pills.

Brie walked out the side door and noticed that Frank parked his car in behind hers. Instead of waiting for him and his teeth cleaning, she searched her key ring and unlocked his driver’s side door. Once inside the car, Brie called her boyfriend and left a message on his cell phone that she was taking his car so he had to use hers.

She slowly pulled out the drive and coasted toward Seven Mile Road.


Once Frank’s car was out of sight, a dark colored vehicle pulled into Brie’s driveway. The daytime running lights faded as both driver and passenger doors opened. Out stepped men dressed in khaki slacks, one with a white button up shirt, the other wore a forest green tee shirt. Carrying nothing but a notepad, both men cut across the grass toward the concrete porch.

Parker stepped out onto his porch and noticed the men slicing across Brie’s lawn and grew curious. Who ever they were they looked official and by their stern expression and lack of communication, they were strictly business.

He rolled the rubber band from the bond paper and flipped the coiled bundle of news outward but didn’t look down for he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the official-looking guys as they walked onto his neighbors approach.


After three hard knocks, Frank trotted down the stairs and answered the door without asking for a name. He swung the door open and stood behind the glass screen.

“Can I help you?” he asked.