The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Friday, June 16, 2006

Chapter 1, part 6

“There’s nothing wrong, Athena. I was just a little distracted by the television that’s all. Whassup, have you gone to pick up your course schedule yet?”

“Yeah, I got four classes. English 101, of course, Beginner’s Algebra, Sociology 110, and Creative Writing 105.”

“Creative Writing?” he asked as he sat on the back of the sofa.

“Yeah, you know I dabble a little in poetry from time to time.”

“Actually, I didn’t know that. Interesting. So when are the majority of your classes?”

“I took evening courses. I knew most of the morning classes were going to be full so I elected to take classes when I knew everyone was busy partying or getting high.”

“Smart thinking. Have went to meet any of your instructors yet?”

“Not yet but I did walk the grounds to get a feel for the campus and to find my classes.”

“Again, smart thinking. But try not to walk alone. College campus may look safe but there are still a lot of knuckleheads on grounds. You’re always going to have predators wherever you go so just be aware of your surroundings at all times.”

“I will. I’ve heard all the stories before.”

“Especially at night. That’s the most dangerous for girls.”

“I know. I know. You can stop worrying. I’ll be fine. I’ll be sure to have some big neck guy walk me home. A nerdy big neck guy.”

“Well, I’m glad you called to let me know you’re okay. It’s always nice to hear your voice.”

“Thanks, Mister Parker. I…I needed to hear that.”

“Okay, now it’s my turn. What’s wrong?” Parker asked, tucking one hand into the fold of his arm.

Athena didn’t answer right away. “I guess I just wanted to hear a reassuring voice.”

“You know, Athena, even though I helped with some of the expenses, I think your mother would have loved to have heard your voice in this manner. You gotta remember that you are her only child and you’re no longer here for her to worry about now you’re far away for her to worry about.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I think I will call her so she’s knows I’m doing okay.”

“You do that. That’s not to say not to call me anymore. I too like to hear your voice, but just remember you’re mom misses you as much as I do.”

He could feel her smiling on the other end of the phone and for that brief moment, he realized how much he was going to miss his former babysitter.


“Detective! We have something here.” One of the officers yelled from the living room as Owens scooped samples into a small plastic bag.

“Come in here.”

“We found a pair of women’s underpants in between the sofa.”

“Sounds great. I found a few pair in here as well, along with cigar butts, used condoms, and possible traces of cocaine.”

“Looks as though our victim was a bit of a lady’s man.”

“To say the least. You guys about done out there?” Owens asked as he slipped a pair of panties into quart-sized bag.

“Just about. The techs are still dusting in the kitchen and the living but for the most part, I think we should be done in about thirty.”

“Good, I ready to get these things back to the lab as soon as possible. Tell your partners to move it along a lil’ faster.”