The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chapter 1, part 2

“What was that?” she thought as the pain subsided. Afterwards she prepared her plate, stacked the soiled pots and pans in the sink, and made her way upstairs.

“One, two, three…” During the short hike, she lost her breath and leaned against the wooden banister for support. Brie closed her eyes and took short, quick breaths as she counted out her discomfort. “What the hell? Maybe you’re not that hungry,” she said down to her stomach. She gathered her balance and slowly toward to her bedroom. “Four, five, six…”

As Brie stepped into the room, she noticed that Frank had only taken a few bites from his toast and demolished all of the bacon leaving nothing but a puddle of maple syrup in its place. With slow movements, she sat down on the bed next to Frank. She handed her plate to him and swung her feet onto the bed.

“Are you okay?” he asked between chews.

Following a sigh of relief, she answered, “Yeah, why you ask?”

“Well, your sweating and breathing heavy.”

“Really?” she asked as she patted her forehead, hairline and ears with her palm. “I guess it’s the heat in the kitchen, that’s all.”

Franks plump jaws and happiness indicated he was indeed enjoying his breakfast entrée. “By the way, this is the best French toast I’ve ever eaten and I’ve been to France.”

Brie smiled. “You’re so silly but I’m glad you like it. I added a little sum’thin’, sum’thin’ to the batter to give it a kick.”

“Whatever it is, keep doing it. It’s delicious.”

He held her plate until she positioned her pillow behind her back comfortably. Brie tucked her legs under the comforter, folded down the edge and carefully rested her plate on the round of her tummy. The high elevation of her midsection made for the perfect breakfast tray, however, whenever the baby kicked it was hard keep her dish steady.

Brie picked up her fork and butter knife and sliced into her short stack of pancakes. “You know when I was down in the kitchen I had a strange pain in my tummy.”

Frank stopped chewing and turned to Brie with a look of concern.

She cut out a three-tier stack and said, “It was nothing really. It was a passing pain, but rather annoying at the same time. Nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

Frank sat his fork down and stared at Brie’s tummy. He swallowed chunk of food and cleared his throat. “Is everything okay now? Are you still having this discomfort?”

“No, no, no…I’m fine now. It was just a touch and go thing. I’m okay.”

Brie chewed on her bacon but Frank hesitated to resume eating. He rubbed her lower stomach and kissed her forehead. “Well, I’m glad you’re okay. By the way, who was that at the front door this morning?”

Totally caught off guard, Brie almost knocked her plate off her stomach as she steadiest her hand. “Ah…uh…umph…Jehovah Witnesses coming to spread their word.”

Frank nodded while keeping a watchful eye on her trembling hand. “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Mmm-hmm…just fine,” she said, shoveling a forkful of pancakes in her mouth.