The Sex Opera ...Season 2

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chapter 1, part 1

The smell of fried turkey bacon and cooked grits made the baby churn as if it knew food was on its way. Standing over the stove, Brie flipped the bacon and then stirred the grits to prevent sticking while cutting down the heat under the small pot. Being that eggs hadn’t agreed with the baby, Mama-to-be Brie opted for buttermilk pancakes and made Frank a side of French toast. The kitchen grew warm and humid from the oven that kept the pancakes and toast hot.

With her long tresses pulled into a loose ponytail, Brie’s glowing brown skin glistened with perspiration as she hummed Hello Detroit in her head. Her fuzzy slipper-covered feet shuffled to the refrigerator and grabbed six oranges from the ‘fruit and veggie’ drawer from the bottom. She sat them on the table, reached across the table for the small steak knife she used earlier to cut over the bacon package, and sliced the fruit horizontally before pressing them into the juice maker.

After filling one glass, Brie went waddled back to the stove, turned off the pilots and grabbed three plates from the overhead cupboard. She wiped her forehead with the back of her forearm, placed the dishes on the table and paused. “Oh my God. Athena isn’t here anymore.” She smiled to herself. “I was just about to make her a plate.”

Athena, her daughter was away at Howard University beginning her first year at college and embarking on her life away from home. Accustomed to preparing a breakfast meal for her, it totally slipped Brie’s mind that it was no need to fix her daughter’s meals any longer. Frank would now fill that void.

Searching high and low in all the wrong places for someone who made her toes tingle, Frank slipped into her life and has been bringing her joy ever since her meeting.

Thinking about Frank made her excited as she applied a small amount of hot cereal to his plate. Frank, a wealthy grocery store chain owner, came into her life when she needed it most. After being victimized by countless men and raped by someone she had known briefly, Frank was her savior when she thought all was lost. He courted her like every gentleman should. Buying her flowers, squaring away all her debt and staying by her side through as she carried a child that wasn’t his were proof that he loved her.

Brie gathered the platter of hot food from the oven with her mitten-covered hand and put three slices of extremely hot bread on his plate. With the pulp-coated knife, she split the toast diagonally and sprayed some butter-flavored liquid on top of the bread. She went back into the refrigerator and grabbed a bowl of raspberries and decorated his plate as if a famous breakfast house restaurant catered his morning meal.

After putting his side of bacon next to the toast, and extracting the last bit of orange juice from the machine, Brie went into the pantry and grabbed the serving tray and stacked the sticky bottle of maple syrup, utensils and plate, next to the glass of Vitamin C. She sauntered out the kitchen, resting a portion of the tray on her high round tummy. She carried the breakfast tray up the staircase, counting each step being that she couldn’t see her feet. Brie memorized the number of steps it took before she reached the top of the landing to ensure a safe journey. Her swollen ankles limited her to one or two trips up and down the stairs before she had to sit down and rest so she had to make this journey up the flight of stairs count.


The hearty aroma of bacon engulfed Frank’s senses causing him to open his eyes and await the wondrous meal that Brie had prepared. He cupped the pillow close to his head before he rolled onto his back and stretched his arms overhead as he released a loud yawn. The bright sunshine beamed through the open window. The chirping birds were a welcome sound as Frank readied himself for the warm plate that would soon reside in his empty stomach.

As the door creaked, Frank turned to see Brie walking through the door carrying a wooden tray before her. A smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he propped himself into a sitting position. He tucked his two pillows at his lower back and clapped his hands like a toddler at a birthday party celebration.

“Hmmm, that smells good.” Frank closed his eyes as Brie draped the tray over his thighs. He grabbed Brie gently by the back of her neck and guided her face toward his. He kissed her lovingly. “Thank you for this lovely breakfast, beautiful.”

Brie giggled and licked her tongue against his bottom lip. “Enjoy, sexy.”

She pushed his back and waddled away from the bed. “I’ll be right back to join you. I have to make my glass of juice.”

“I’ll try not to eat too fast. It all smells so damn good,” he said, grabbing his knife and fork.

Frank quickly started cutting into his French toast and Brie smiled. “You might want to slow down before you cut a hole through that ceramic plate.

“I’ll try but I can’t guarantee anything,” he said before feeding himself a heaping mouthful of fried bread.


“Ten, eleven, twelve,” Brie counted as she made her way back to the kitchen. She wobbled to the dinette table and inserted more orange slices into the juicer and pressed the auto button once again. This time when the appliance powered up, there was a tightening in her stomach that she hadn’t recognized before. Brie cowered over and rubbed the bottom of her rounded tummy, wishing the pain away. She patted her forehead and thought happy thoughts as the pain resonated along her spine and down her anus.